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I’ve been hearing a lot of great feedback regarding RFE hosting. Now I So I decided to ask one of its users to make a review regarding RFE. Here’s a brief review written by Debra Pearlstein from www.strangedazeindeed.com.

Review Summary + Rating

  • Price: 7/10 – They are not the cheapest, but they are not overpriced by any means
  • Features 10/10 – They have everything I need in a web host
  • Reliability 10/10 – In 5/12 months I haven’t had one single problem or moment of downtime
  • Technical Support 9/10 – Aaron has always been timely and thorough in his response and very helpful
  • Security 9/10 – I am not worried at all about being hacked or losing data. They are extremely knowledgeable.
  • My overall experience? 9/10. I feel that I have support and so far my experience has been very positive.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Best overall quality, great customer service, hardly any downtime
  • Cons: You will be able to find cheaper

The Story + Detailed Review

When I first started blogging, I really had no idea about the business side of things. My desire to blog sprung from a desire to express and to share. I had always loved to write and majored in Communications and Creative Writing.

I started on Blogger because it was recommended to me and it was simple to set up and start immediately. I wish now that I had started on WordPress because over time I came to realize just how important that was to my blog’s future success.

When I decided I wanted to transfer my blog to WordPress, I asked my friends who had been on WordPress for years how to go about it. I did a lot of research about migrating my blog, and thought about doing it myself, however, I really wanted it done professionally so that there would be no moments of sheer panic and confusion. I didn’t want there to be much downtime.

My friends who had very successful blogs all gave me the same answer, RFE webhosting. Again, I did some more research and corresponded with Aaron at RFE. He was extremely helpful and answered every question I had.

I learned that with RFE, all of their shared hosting plans offer a free domain, but only if you pay for a year of hosting up front. That is how they can cover the cost of the domain.

That was fine with me. I knew that investing in my blog was an investment that would definitely be worthwhile and it really has been! I also am glad to not have to think of it each month.

I have been with RFE now for about 5 months. My traffic has increased. My blog is much more professional looking and I am getting more opportunities. My blog did have a higher page rank before, but, that is not the web host’s fault as I had to basically start over with that. My Alexa is very low and that did change quickly so I’m very pleased with that.

As for Uptime, I have never been disappointed or run into any problems as far as downtime. RFE promises its customers 99.8% network uptime and so far, for me that has been true. Also, if you need customer support, you will get it very quickly and they answered all my questions and helped wherever possible.

I’ve noticed a lot of people asking in some of my blogger’s groups about transferring their blogs to their own domain and the recommendation I’ve been seeing lately has been RFE. So far, those I have spoken to are very pleased with them.

RFE has two hosting plans $7.95 per month and $13.95 per month for Pro. I would definitely recommend pro in terms of storage and bandwith. The small difference is worth it.

I am on the Pro plan and paid for the year upfront with my domain and transfer. It wasn’t the cheapest around, but I truly believe it is the best and I was about to pinch pennies with something so important. The investment has definitely paid for itself.

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