10 Best Sales Funnel Builders & Apps (2023)

The transition to online marketing made a lot of things easier while also some things, harder. Though with continuous innovation and persistence, we can come up with digital solutions that help us grow further. Sales funnel is a strategy made to engage the audience and drive them down the funnel where they bring money to the business. This can be prompted in a lot of platforms. No need to worry because these 10 Best Sales Funnel Builders & Apps can help you succeed.

10 Best Sales Funnel Builders & Apps (2022)

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is popular as an email marketing platform wherein you can design your newsletter blasts. Here, you can take advantage of this to design an email sales funnel that can help you close some deals within your curated email list. Moreover, they are also flexible in terms of design and customizing certain parts of the email so the receiver can appreciate it more and have an attachment to the brand in the long run. There are call-to-action buttons and other features to explore as well in the builder.

2. Zendesk

zendesk sales funnel builder

A sales CRM, Zendesk literally took sales funnel building and analytics into a spin that can help us bring in more results with just a few tweaks. In the platform, you can take advantage of conversations prompted by customers and automatic replies that can push them every step further towards closing the sale. It’s like applying the same concept of having a sales representative in a store who can assist you in case you have questions before purchasing. Besides this, they also have features to monitor and automate email blasts that can benefit you in the long run.

3. Kajabi

Kajabi boasts of its multifunctionality that allows you to tap into different areas of your business and manage it all together in a single platform. This is perfect for small teams who are likely to multitask but still intends to take advantage of automatic sales funnels and apps to close deals. Here, you can encourage your audience to join a webinar, membership sites, and more with leads and sales generation. At the same time, there are also features such as invoicing and email setup that automatically does things from the backend once you have a new lead.

4. Demio

demio sales funnel builder

Building relationships online with customers and connecting is not easy but Demio tries to iron out this problem. They provide a solution that encourages interaction and relationship between the brand and the seller through its wide array of functions that you can automate. These may be nurture emails, sales funnel structure and others. Moreover, you can schedule live events that can be automatically saved and sent to your email list. This is perfect if you also love hosting and recording sales funnel video materials to cascade.

5. WishponD

If there’s a wish that came true, Wishpond is that for businesses. The platform is designed not only for landing pages but at the same time, nurturing relationships with customers. A couple of other commendable features in this platform are setting up forms and surveys that help get feedback or more leads, facilitating contests or promos that reward customers and deepening relationships with them, and lastly, automating nurture emails that keep them connected to the brand.

6. Thrive Suite

thrive themes sales funnel builder

Thrive Suite is a WordPress tool that helps business owners design their own landing pages where sales funnel can be used as a strategy. Perfect for pushing a product or service, you can lay out the problem, acknowledge pain points one by one, and later provide solutions through your offering. More than their template builder, they also have a wide library that you can explore and use too. There are other solutions that have that can at the same time help you also generate leads to grow your business.

7. Landingi

Another best sales funnel builders that you can work with is Landingi. They have an intelligently designed drag-and-drop landing website builder that allows even non-coding people to design their own. Moreover, they also have plug-ins and occasional tips to optimize your landing page and make it as converting as possible. Since this is easy to use, you don’t need much time designing and you can already get started getting leads.

8. Active Campaign

active campaign sales funnel builder

Offering a quite comprehensive technology in digital sales funnel building, Active Campaign got you every step in the way. They start with increasing your business reach to have more interested people and gain awareness. Next, you can now nurture these connections through relationship building solutions that they have. The third is conversion where you provide them more options to close the deal and acquire the product or service. Lastly, you then grow through establishing loyalty. Their deep understanding of each step sure can help you get the results you desire for the business.

9. Convert Flow

With an understanding of the whole sales funnel design, Convert Flow is an all-in-one conversion website builder that you can utilize. Here, you can create not only landing pages but also maximize interaction through quizzes, and forms without any code or any complication needed. It’s direct and simple that can surely help you come up with touchpoints for each step in the funnel and close the sale.

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10. Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up

In an argument of who does it better (human or tech), it’s undeniable how much flexibility and personality humans bring to the table. This is why even with many solutions out there to automatically build you a sales funnel, it’s still best to work with a seasoned team who knows what they’re doing. Brand Glow Up proved to be one of Toronto’s best in terms of optimizing online presence and at the same time, helping businesses succeed in the long run. With their in-depth background in business and marketing, they can sure come up with strategies for a sales funnel and help you monitor its success.

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