Scheduling Pins On Pinterest

Just like most social networking and sharing sites, Pinterest is a great way to post content. However, there can be times that you will have to be away from Pinterest or from Internet connection and you really wanted to post something to your friends even when away. The perfect solution for that is to have your pins scheduled so that when you are not online, it will still be posted at a time and date you have specified. Here are a few great websites / apps which can schedule your pins for you.

List of websites and apps for scheduling Pinterest pins

1. ViralTag

With ViralTag, you will just need to sign up for an account and you can already schedule your pins. Choose the time and date, and even set up your timezone for a more accurate posting time. You can also use Viraltag’s bookmarklet (for browsers) so that when you find something on the web, you can simply pin it quickly.

You can sign up for a free 14-day trial then you can subscribe to one of their 3 different memberships plans: $4.99/month for the limited plan, $12/month for basic plan and $28/month for the premium plan. Here is how you do it:

  1. First, sign up for while already logged in to Pinterest.
  2. Install the Pingraphy bookmarklet which allows you to easily store pins you want to post to Pinterest in one go. The bookmarklet’s purpose isn’t just for storing and scheduling pins, but also for bulk uploading!
  3. Now to schedule your pins, choose from the pinnable images you’ve marked with the bookmarklet. Click Next.
  4. Put in the description or caption, the board you want to pin it to and the URL (if it is from a third-party source or you want to add a specific URL to the pin).
  5. Click Schedule to set up your pin scheduling. Enter the time, date and choose your Time Zone. Click Confirm and that’s it! You can check your Dashboard on Pingraphy to see the pins you have scheduled.

2. Curalate

Curalate is a lot like Pingraphy, but with added perks such as better analytics and more details to include on your schedule pins. It can also look for pins within Facebook or Twitter, and is a very powerful tool. However, unlike Pingraphy, it costs $99 per month (maximum of 4 user accounts).


Scheduling pins, whether with Pingraphy or Curalate, is a great way to keep up the consistency of your social media market, since after all, you would not want to keep your Pinterest account in the dust.

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