3 Free Ways To Schedule Your Tweets

Twitter is a great social media site to share what’s happening to your daily life, especially if you want to make announcements to your followers, fans and other people. However, there can be times that you will have to be away from Twitter or from Internet connection and you really wanted to post something to your friends even when away. The perfect solution for that is to have your tweets scheduled so that when you are not online, it will still be posted at a time and date you have specified. Here are three great websites / apps which can schedule your tweets for you.

1. TweetDeck


As we all know, TweetDeck is one of the best desktop (Windows and Mac) Twitter clients out there. It is also available as a Chrome app which allows you to do various things like managing lists and favorites. Multiple accounts are also supported by this desktop app. With its versatility, you may not notice though that it can also schedule your tweets for you. Here is how you schedule your tweets on TweetDeck:

  1. First, create a Tweet.
  2. TweetdeackTwit

  3. Next, below the tweet input box, you will see a button with the current date and time. Click on it.
  4. CalendarTwit

  5. A calendar will appear. Just select the date that you want to schedule the tweet to. You can also input the time that you want to schedule the tweet to be posted.
  6. Calendar2Twit

  7. Just click Tweet and that’s it. Your scheduled tweets should now appear in the Scheduled column.
  8. TweetTwit

2. HootSuite


Another well-known desktop Twitter client is HootSuite. However, it has an advantage over TweetDeck as it supports multiple accounts from various social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and others, compared to TweetDeck which only supports Twitter accounts. Added to that, HootSuite is also available for Android, Blackberry and iOS, compared to TweetDeck (which has recently discontinued mobile app) for Here is how you schedule your tweets on HootSuite.

  1. First, create a Tweet.
  2. HotsuiteTwit

  3. Next, click on the calendar icon on the bottom right.
  4. CalendarHSTwit

  5. A calendar will appear. Just select the date that you want to schedule the tweet to. You can also input the time that you want to schedule the tweet to be posted.
  6. CalendarHSTwit

  7. Another good feature is the AutoSchedule. It lets HootSuite choose which time of the day it is best to post your status update, depending on your Tweets and your followers.
  8. AutoSchedHSTwit

3. Buffer


Like HootSuite, Buffer supports multiple social media sites (like Facebook and LinkedIn). It also has the same kind of analytics that helps you choose which time of the day should you post your status message to gain more traffic and feedback. While Buffer has paid accounts in which you can schedule endless tweets, anyone can register for a free account that lets you schedule 10 tweets, with customizable time schedules. It also supports other web services like Pocket, Reeder and TweetCaster. Here is how to schedule your tweets using Buffer:

  1. First, log in to Buffer.
  2. BufferTwit

  3. Go to the Schedule Tab and select your Time Zone.
  4. ScheduleBTwit

  5. Select which times of the day you want your post your buffered tweets.
  6. TimesOfDayTwit

  7. You can add additional posting times by clicking the Add Posting Time button.
  8. AddPostingTTwit

  9. Now, to share something via Buffer, look for the Buffer icon on your browser’s toolbar and click on it.
  10. BufferIconTwit

  11. When the pop-up appears, click Buffer.
  12. ClickBufferTwit

  13. Once you’ve done that, check your Buffer home page to see if your updates have been queued into the Buffer schedule. You can buffer up to 10 if you’re on a free account.
  14. BufferHPTwit


TweetDeck, HootSuite and Buffer are great ways to schedule your tweets, so that even if you are away, your friends could still receive updates from you, scheduled in advance.

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