how-to: search for communities in google plus

Aside from following people and posts, Google+ also includes a powerful feature wherein you can even search for communities. But how are they different to the circles that you create?

Circles are highly customizable, but they’re also at the same time more personal than public. Communities, on the other hand, are those social groups that people create for specific needs or interests. Examples would be communities for photographers, for mothers, for high school students, and so forth. If you want to talk to specific experts, or if you’re looking for tips and tricks from a niche you love, then communities would be a great addition to your Google+ experience.

So how can you check for the communities around the web? Check out these easy steps below!

  1. Hover on the home button at the top left of your homepage then click “Communities”.
  2. Use the search bar or click on the Recommended for you.

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