seo site checkup: cool tool to check your site’s seo problem

SEO Site Checkup lets you check your website’s SEO problems for free. Using the right SEO tools will help you save time and effort and in time get you notable results in terms of rankings. The site offers free checkup for factors such as common SEO issues, speed optimizations, server and security, mobile usability, and social media. It will also give a few tips on how you could improve the user experience.

Simply input your website URL, choose the factor you wish to check, then click Checkup! You can also get free Expert SEO report from our site.

Here are some of the tools offered by the site:

Common SEO Issues

  • Meta Tags Analyzer- analyses the content of your meta tags
  • Most Common Keywords Test- checks the most common keywords and their usage on your web page
  • Google Analytics test- checks if your website is connected with Google analytics
  • URL SEO Friendly Test- checks if your website URL and all links from inside are SEO friendly

Speed Optimizations

  • HTML Page Size Test- checks the size of HTML code on your web page but this does not include images, external CSS files, or external javascripts
  • HTML Compression/ GZIP Test- checks if your page is correctly using HTML compression as it is sent from your server
  • Site Loading Speed Test- checks the total loadtime of your web page

Server and Securtiy

  • URL Canonicalization Test- checks your site for potential URL canonicalization issues and shows how a site can use slightly different URLs for the same page
  • Website IP Check- checks the IP address of your website
  • Server Signature Test- checks if your server signature is on

Mobile Usability

  • Mobile Snapshot- lets you see how your website is rendered on a mobile device
  • Media Query Responsive Test- tests if your website implements responsive design functionalities using media query technique

Social Media

  • Social Media Check – tests if your website connects to at least one of the most important social networks

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