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Research by Statista shows a lot of people use Bing as a Google substitute. The search engine currently boasts a 2.8% market share. Data shows the browser is mainly used to perform desktop search activities. Daily, about 900 million searches are done on the Bing platform. It is paramount to note that creating a Bing SEO plan can help boost your marketing goals. Marketers and content creators need to be choosy about the keywords they use. This search engine searches for the exact words keyed in during searches. You should let your keywords flow naturally to boost your website performance. SEO experts advise you to use a variety of strategies to rise higher in Bing ranks.


Recognize the part Bing plays in SEO

Bing serves as the default search engine for both Microsoft Edge and Windows. Over 1.62 billion Windows devices are in use worldwide. Because of this, it’s crucial to remember that the browser impacts SEO in a big way. There are several ways in which your organization will benefit from including it in your SEO plan.

  • According to a Search Engine Watch study, Bing powers 33% of desktop computers. The report says the browser also powers the Yahoo search engine. Based on the report, any Bing-optimized website ranks better on Yahoo.
  • A report by Web Spero shows Bing attracts more users from 30 years and above. The report says this age bracket is more financially stable. Optimizing the browser for SEO can help attract leads with higher conversion potential.
  • The browser offers inbuilt webmaster tools. The tools are excellent for tracking content performance. You can use them for insights. A recent Bing study shows utilizing its webmaster tools boosts organic traffic by up to 40%.

You need a browser to perform any type of search online. Any time you type a query to search, your computer or phone uses the default browser to search. More often you might get a Bing redirect if you have set it as your default browser. Nevertheless, you might notice the browser is redirecting you even after changing the default settings. It matters to understand how to get rid of Bing redirect and eliminate the problem. You can do so by clicking on the three dots found at the top of your browser. Under settings, find the Search Engines icon and choose your preferred browser other than Bing.

List your brand on Bing Places

Many SEO strategists understand and use Google My Business. However, few know about Bing Places. It is similar to the Google feature and helps customize your local search outcomes. You can claim a listing on the platform to boost your SEO performance. Once you claim your spot, leverage Bing Webmaster Tools to generate statistics for your site’s performance. Your site ranks higher as its performance statistics improve.

Understand the search questions searchers use

Bing displays content that meets the search intent of users first. It matches the exact keyword including the words used in links directing users to the page. It is necessary to understand the search questions searchers mainly use. You can understand this by using various analytical tools. When you understand the questions, you will know the exact keywords to use. It is crucial to ensure your content is relevant and quality.

Understand Bing’s ranking factors

A ranking factor may revolve around your site’s content, backlinks, and social media engagement. You need to understand the factors that Bing uses for SEO ranking. They include factors such as:

  • Engagement of users which measures the number of times users access your site or content. Engagement may also include the total time users spend on your site or reading your content.
  • Total clicks of your backlinks or products. Content that attracts more clicks moves higher by a larger margin.
  • Social media engagement of social pages connected to your content or website.
  • The inclusion of a keyword in your domain matters in Bing.

Ensure your page loads fast

Most search engines including Bing rank pages based on load time. If the loading speed is slow, the browser might ignore that site and display a page that loads faster. Poor loading speed could cause higher bounce rates and more people will rarely view your pages.

Additionally, the browser algorithms may judge a page with poor load time as unfriendly. The search engine may view it as a page that could potentially cause poor user experience. Due to this, it will rank poorly even if your page might contain the right keywords.


Bing is the second most used search engine globally. Optimizing your SEO strategy for the browser could help you land huge business opportunities. It is the default search engine for Windows and over 85% of computers run on Windows. It is necessary to consider the browser’s ranking factors and customize your content to meet that threshold. Ensure your page loads fast and publish relevant, up-to-date, and engaging content.

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