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How To Double Your Traffic With SumoMe

Install SumoMe. For Free.


It’s a plugin that will help you generate more traffic through their unique social share buttons, email optin forms, analytics & Discover (an app to promote your content to 150,000+ SumoMe users).

I’ve been using them for a while – even before we became partners. I was actually very happy when I found out about them!

Initially, I was looking for a good pop up form to collect subscribers. I looked into HelloBar, but I realized that they show ads (instead of your email form) to 1 of every 10 visitors (besides of their logo being shown).

That was a big NO for me. So I had to find an alternative.

Then I found SumoMe.

I was very impressed the first time I tried their plugin, mainly because of the sleek design and ohhhh, lots of good useful apps! I actually tried almost all of it, but the social buttons and the email optin forms are my favorites. Here are all the amazing tools they provide:

SumoMe Apps

Another awesome thing about SumoMe is, they work on several CMS (content management systems) including WordPress, Squarespace, Blogger, Tumblr, Google tag manager, Shopify + Weebly.

Just amazing. (Hey, I’m a fan!)

So today, I’m here to help you how to install them and make the most of their apps.

How To Effectively Use SumoMe To Grow Your Traffic

1. Install SumoMe

  • Click here to sign up for an account. Enter your URL, email + password.

    Sign Up SumoMe

  • TO INSTALL: If you’re using WordPress, click the “WordPress” image. If you’re using other CMS, you can simply click their logos to install. If you’re a tech savvy, simply copy the generated code within the of your HTML.
  • Now click the “Install SumoMe” button. Install SumoMe
  • Click “Install Now” button to install the plugin on your site.
  • Click that SumoMe blue button at the top right side of your window to start the set up > Click the “Already have an account login” link. Install SumoMe
  • Select the site you’re activating.
  • Click the Sumo Store. Install SumoMe
  • Now you can see ALL the apps you can install to your site such as the email optin forms, analytics, sharing buttons, contact form, etc.

2. Install The Share Buttons + The Image Sharer

I highly recommend installing their Share and Image sharer apps for effective sharing. Remember, more social media shares = more traffic.

Place your social share buttons in obvious places.

Social Share Buttons

See that sticky floating share buttons on the left side of this page?! Yup! That attention grabber can encourage your people to share your content!

When you hover on my images, do you see those awesome social sharing buttons? YAAAS!

The point here is, make it easy for people to share your content.

Some more awesome features you need to know:

  • They’re mobile friendly! Seriously.
  • You can easily track your shares, clicks and the top pages. Who wouldn’t want to track their stats and see which pages are performing well?
  • They provide floating social share buttons that encourages users to easily share your content. If you’re not fond of floating buttons, you can easily modify the placement of the buttons, you can add them on top and/or bottom of your page. Install SumoMe

3. Install Smart Bar & A One Pop Up Form To Collect Subscribers

More email subscribers = more traffic!

SumoMe provides different types of effective optin forms to generate more email subscribers including smart bar, scrollbox, welcome mat, and list builder. You can easily integrate these optin forms with email marketing apps like Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact and many more. Here’s how they look like:

Smart Bar (email form at the very top of your site)

Social Share Buttons

List Builder (a.k.a. pop up form)

Social Share Buttons

Scroll Box (a.k.a. slide-in form)

Social Share Buttons

You can control when and where your pop up shows up. You can show your optin form after 2, 3, 5 or 10 seconds. You get it. You can also show your the pop up form in the bottom right, bottom left, top right or top left of your page.

Actionable Tip: Add the smart bar, and a one pop up form (either the List builder, Scroll Box or the Welcome Mat) together. These can easily grab your visitors attention. And as you can see, their optin forms make it easy for users to sign up! My email subscribers have been increasing since I made this change.

4. Track Your Performance

You can easily track your website’s performance using their Analytic apps. My favorites are the Google Analytics and Heatmap.

With Google Analytics, I can easily track the active users per page, bounce rate and page views. I don’t need to login to Google Analytics to be able to see how my pages are doing.

The heat map helps me determine which part of the page my visitors click the most. Here’s how it looks like: Heat Maps SumoMe

These trackers can help you determine how to improve your content and your website’s layout. For example, you’ll be able to determine which “buttons”, “placement” of elements, “wordings”, or what type of pages are performing well and you can experiment from there.

More Tutorials

If you need specific instructions on how to install some of them, here are some more tutorials for you:

Tutorial: How To Install The Share App

Install SumoMe

  • Click the “SumoMe” button at the top right side of your window > click “Sumo Store”.
  • Click the “Share” button > Click the “FREE” blue button at the top right of the window.
  • Voila! Now Installed!
  • If you want to modify the settings of your sharing buttons like the button placement, the social media channels you want to show, button size, etc. Click the SumoMe button on the right side again, then click “Share”. Click the “Free Plan”. Now you’re free to change anything from that panel.

Tutorial: How To Install The Image Sharer App

  • As usual, click the “SumoMe” button at the top right side of your window > click “Sumo Store”.
  • Click the “Image Sharer” button > Hit the “FREE” blue button at the top right of the window.
  • Done! Now open the app and modify the settings. Go to “Settings” > modify the channels you want to include and add your Twitter username.
  • If you do not want to share a particular image, add this line within your image code rel=”noshare”

Hope this helps! Please comment down below if you have any questions.

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