how-to: share your own circle to your profile in google plus

You may have already established yourself as a blogger, and Google+ has always been around to get you more of what you need. You also have gathered different groups of people that you can share resources with, and you grouped them in specific circles for a more convenient advantage. But a friend of yours is just starting out and are looking for buddies as well. How about you share your circles?

This may sound like it’s out of Google+’s niche, but actually the platform welcomes such an option. Yes, with Google+, you can not only share stories and exchange information, but you can even share your circles! Share a circle to a specific friend, or have it posted on your profile!

To do so, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Login to your Google+.
  2. At top left side, click “Home” then select “People”.
  3. Click “Your Circles” at the top bar menu.
  4. Click any circles you want to share (you can see this at the bottom of the window). For example, I’m sharing my “Bloggers” circle.
  5. At the top navigation, click “Action” then select “Share this circle”.
  6. Now you’re ready to go! Check “Include yourself in shared circle” if you want to add yourself in the circle. Add a caption then hit “Share Button”.
  7. Voila! You’re done. View your profile and refresh to see your shared circle 🙂

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