15+ Best Shopify Experts in Toronto

The shift from brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce was drastic over the past few years. With this in mind, customers spend more time online for various reasons. One of the most apparent shifts in customer behaviour is that people can now shop in various stores with just a few taps. The items ordered will be delivered straight to their door or be available for curbside pick up at one’s most convenient time. Here, we rounded up the 15+ Best Shopify Experts in Toronto to help you keep up with the changes and establish a foothold in today’s business landscape.

15+ Best Shopify Experts in Toronto

1. Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up - Web Design Interior Designers

Perfect not only for established businesses who need a glow-up, Brand Glow Up can help new start-ups enter the market gracefully. They can help you with branding and establishing what your business is for. At the same time, they can also help you with scaling up the business and getting as much traction as possible. Furthermore, they can also help you with setting up a Shopify store that can allow you to process orders seamlessly. For web design and development, they can help you come up with a fantastic design as well.

2. eCommerce Pro

Ecommerce Pro is one of the best Shopify experts in Toronto that you can rely on. Their business primarily focuses on helping start-ups and established businesses revamp their presence online to maximize their potential. Besides design, they also offer services such as migrating a website from one platform to another, backend set-up, and training for the personnel in charge.

3. Expert Developers

Offering their services within Canada, Expert Developers prefers to encourage customers to touch base with them directly and personally get to know the business — what’s needed and how they can help. This allowed them to come up with tailor-fitted strategies and branding that sure benefits the brand as much as possible.

4. Nineteen Eighty-Nine

Nineteen Eighty-Nine Shopify

Nineteen Eighty-Nine is a business in Toronto that aims to help businesses scale up their presence online. They have been working with clients closely over the years and built a reputation as an e-commerce expert. Moreover, their neat website resonates with businesses looking for a minimalist yet sophisticated design.

5. Up Later Than You

One of the pioneers in helping businesses set up their Shopify stores, Up Later Than You was in the e-commerce game since 2011. They helped businesses on various scales to have a presence online that helps them to build their brand and hopefully, increase sales in the long run. Besides their services, you can also check out their portfolio to see if you’re a good fit.

6. Kromad

Kromad Shopify Experts Toronto

With a fantastic website, Kromad wows us with its modern sophisticated web design. This helps showcase what they can do and allow clients with a similar vibe to resonate with them with ease. Out of ordinary, they sure do well with trendy design without losing grip of the brand’s identity.

7. Caiden media

Caiden Media is a marketing agency that focuses on delivering quantifiable results to its clients. This goes to show that they are strategic and set key result measures aligned with the goal of the client. More than setting up the website, they can also help the business with marketing efforts and optimizing search engines to boost traffic.

8. Neighbourhood Creative

Inspired by the community and people’s stories, Neighbourhood Creative taps into a brand’s identity and how it can tap into the emotions and experiences of its target audiences. They utilize marketing solutions available in this digital age to help an e-commerce business maximize opportunities online.

9. Vsourz

Vsourz Shopify Experts Toronto

A Shopify expert in Toronto, Vsourz focuses on web design and development in the eCommerce landscape. They help brands that offer products and maximize the features of Shopify to help the client generate more sales with a fantastic customer experience. Besides this, they also can help with the organization of products and creating a system that’s easy for the business and customer.

10. Compny

Compny is an expert in Shopify situated in Toronto. They have been in business for over a decade and were able to work with various brands in different industries. More than setting up in the front end, they also offer solutions to maximize the website and convert the traffic to paying customers.

11. GeekSpeak Commerce

With the understanding that starting a business can be hard, Geekspeak Commerce is passionate to help you get on your feet. They can also help with the setting up of the website from backend to frontend. At the same time, they can help with managing product listings through photos and descriptions. Even for translation, they can help add languages to your website too.

12. Optasy

Optasy Shopify Toronto

Keeping you from taking the long road less taken, Optasy can help you come up with a stunning Shopify website for businesses. More than helping you with web design and development, their team is also hands-on to assist you should there be concerns needed to be addressed and rectified. Furthermore, they also have marketing strategies that you can also implement to maximize your presence online.

13. Shopify Development Pros

Shopify Development Pros is here to help businesses within Toronto. Besides web design and development, they also can help map the website and ensure a smooth customer experience for customers. For over 14 years, they helped over 200 businesses have their dream website that helped them scale up the business.

14. The Influence Agency

Aiming to help businesses influence potential customers to convert to sales, The Influence Agency is worth checking out. They can also help your business have a website that’s designed to autopilot close sales and do the marketing for you. Furthermore, they help with maintenance and integrating plug-ins to add website functionality.

15. Globe SIgn

Globe Sign Shopify Experts Toronto

Globe Sign puts clients first and communicates how Shopify can be the right solution for the business. They help introduce Shopify along with its features and potential which can allow clients to make sound decisions to benefit the brand in the long run. Moreover, they also can help with web design, mapping of online processes, and more.


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