10 Best Shopify Website Designers in Toronto

The rise of dropshipping and shift of the traditional brick and mortar stores to online platforms since 2020 is noticeable. With this in mind, crafting a website a brand appears more in searches is a top priority. At the same time, doing so helps you attract more customers since geographic limitations are often overlooked online. We rounded up ten of the best Shopify website designers in Toronto that you can work with. Each has an impressive track record so you’re confident that you’re in good hands.

10 Best Shopify Website Designers in Toronto

1. Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up

One of the sought-after modern marketing solutions providers in Toronto, Brand Glow Up is reliable and easy to work with. They stay true to their name with your brand’s glow up their top and utmost priority in whatever project you start together. Even with Shopify, they also can help you set up your own shop without fuss. Book them for a discovery call to check if you’re a great fit with their aesthetic.

2. Nineteen Eighty-Nine

Not a Taylor Swift album, but Nineteen Eighty-Nine knows a good marketing and web design strategy. Not just focused on crafting a website that suits your aesthetic, they also focus on functionality while ensuring that all work best with your intention. Moreover, they also worked with several brands from different industries and products offered while still delivering refreshing concepts for each.

3. Upwide Digital

upwide media Shopify Website Designers in Toronto

With no other way than up and wider, Upwide Digital takes their client’s brands to the next level. They help them develop stunning Shopify websites that are aligned to the brand personality and aesthetic. Moreover, they also ensure that it’s easy to navigate. With 120+ clients in the past, they remain committed to providing tailor-suited solutions for small to big businesses.

4. Evolution in Designz

Evolution in Designz not only help their clients to constantly challenge the norm but themselves too. They take the extra step forward to come up with something fresh while not going far from the brand’s personality. Moreover, they are focused on providing a service that results in a remarkable customer experience. They also extend after-development support to ensure that all is well.

5. Little Dragon

little dragon media Shopify Website Designers in Toronto

No matter the dragon size, Little Dragon continues to deliver results for its clients. They are one of the best Shopify Website Designers in Toronto that you can tap to work with. Because of this, they also appear on respected industry websites and publications. Not just web design, they are also experts in branding and modern marketing too so they can also help you with that.

6. Arete Software

One of the favourites in terms of web design, Arete Software is truly the best. They extend services from web design, mobile software development, to even Shopify web designing. Additionally, they are also acknowledged as a Shopify partner that the platform trusts and recommends. With this in mind, you can truly never go wrong with them.

7. eCommerce Pro

ecommerce pro Shopify Website Designers in Toronto

eCommerce Pro is an agency expert in Shopify web design. They can also help you come up with a fresh and unique look without compromising the customer experience. Besides this, they also can help you with lead generation made possible through content writing and optimization of pages.  They can also help you with branding and design to make your website stand out and be successful.

8. n49 Interactive

Proud of their 20 years of experience in the industry, n49 Interactive learned through experience and can help you get started in the industry. They are committed to helping you find your footing without needing to repeat the same mistakes they went through. Moreover, they grew to also offer full-service marketing solutions that you can check out too.

9. The Story

the story shopify toronto

The Story is a Shopify web design company that focuses on the client and the story behind them. With this in focus, you can also design a full-customer experience full of touchpoints. At the same time, we build rapport here too that can be strengthened and eventually develop brand loyalty. Unlike other professional and detached websites, this agency ensures that your branding remains consistent and humane.

10. eCommerce Web Design

Helping clients with web design and development, eCommerce Web Design is happy to help you with your growing your brand online. Not only Shopify, their services expanded in different online platforms but inclines on product and service offerings. With this in mind, they kept updated on the industry trends and user interface layouts that are clean and straightforward.

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