10 Practical Reasons To Use Short Paragraphs On Your Blog Posts

It’s said that the pen is mightier than the sword and if you believe in this old adage, then you probably want to start your own blog site.

Being a writer is especially different to other hobbies. When you write, you let your mind speak and can potentially influence other people, hopefully for the better.

Depending upon your real objective on why you write..

.. your ideas will remain unspoken ideas until they’re written or expressed effectively and this is the main reason why you need to know how to write an effective blog post.

There are many points you need to remember and consider when writing..

This may include: following a writing format, coming up with good blog ideas and titles, good introduction, specific purpose statement, and decisive conclusion. Of course, there are more to writing than these points.

But one common mistake that writers commit, both newbie and veteran, is writing long paragraphs.

There’s really no bad thing about long paragraphs if they’re exceptionally engaging and interesting. But let us face it; this isn’t always the case. Writers will most likely just bore readers with their long paragraphs and send readers away faster than you finish your cup of coffee. And here’s why using short paragraphs will help you gain more readerships.

WHY YOU NEED TO USE Short Paragraphs on Your Blog Posts

1. Most Internet Users Scan, NOT read

This is the cold fact that each writer should face. People WANT fast answers and quick results. They’re really not after long discussions. If you use long paragraphs, readers will skip your article and will rather search for other articles that can easily be scanned.

2. Short Attention Span

If you think that kids are the only ones who have short attention span, think again. It’s estimated that the first 10 seconds from the time your reader sets their eyes on your article, is that slim margin between interesting articles to boring articles. Therefore, you’ll need short paragraphs to grab their attention.

3. Short Paragraphs encourage Reading

If you’re presented with two articles: one has longer paragraphs, the other has shorter paragraphs. Which one will you choose? Obviously, if you’re the average type of guy or gal, you will surely go for the one with shorter paragraphs. This is the main reason that most newspapers use shorter paragraphs because there is a higher chance that readers will finish article, from first to last paragraph.

4. Less Information to Filter

The mind is engineered to only remember the important things. When you write short paragraphs, people will feel that they’re presented with the important facts without the unnecessary fatty opinions. They’re able to isolate a blog idea when there’s less fat and more meat.

5. Drives a Point

If you want to drive a point, then use short paragraphs combined with underlined, bold or italicize words. Since the words in short paragraphs are isolated, readers will be able to concentrate on the thought of one or two sentences. Therefore being able to digest the point you are driving. Short and concise sentences are more urgent in nature, thus giving readers the need to read what you are talking about.

6. Blogs are meant to be Short

People who go online will most likely be attracted to a blog that is short and sweet. Blogs are relatively short and making short multiple paragraphs will help your blog look longer and denser. Unlike books where there’s limited space, online content is basically almost limitless. You can store thousands of data without worrying of running out of space. So it’s important to maximize your blog space.

7. Adds Dramatic Effect

When people read multiple short paragraphs, it creates an urge to continue reading to know what’s next. This is very effective when you’re writing a blog about a story or event. Storytelling will be more dramatic with short paragraphs.

8. More effective with Inspire Blogs

If your blog is about moving people into action, then using shorter paragraphs will help you achieve this. Inspiring, motivating, beseeching, pleading, persuading, demanding, commanding, and anything of this nature will be more effective if you use shorter paragraphs.

9. Less Chance of Committing Errors

If you want your blog to look professional, you must always keep your grammar close to perfect. Long paragraphs are notorious in hiding mistakes in sentence structures.

Since the eyes cannot isolate letters, punctuations, words, and sentences, it will be harder to proofread your work. Thankfully, you can try to break down your blog into shorter sentences and smaller paragraphs. This way, you can proofread your blog in the fastest and most effective way possible.

10. More White Spaces!

We want to read less and yet to know more. When you use shorter paragraphs, there will be more white spaces. This creates an illusion that your blog is shorter which means that readers will more likely take time to scan your blog because they think that it’s only short.

White space can also make an illusion of being spacious and clean. This will de-clutter and clear the minds of your readers.

But.. you need to realize that short paragraphs have its own advantages and disadvantages and so are long paragraphs. Just learn which will suit your current needs.

Nevertheless, try to use shorter paragraphs in your next blog and attract more readership. When you do, come back here and leave a comment how short paragraphs made an impact in your blog.

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