should you do seo on your homepage?

Every time you open a website, there is one page that will face you and would give you a first impression, that is what we call the homepage. Homepages give a massive impact on a website; this page will determine if the viewer would stay on the page or not. SEO helps the website be on top on search engines, but then homepages don’t usually have much content. The question is, should you do SEO on your homepage?

There are a lot of homepages from different websites that have great content within it. But most people don’t even actually read it and will just look for a certain page that would be redirected from the homepage. Truth is that putting SEO in your homepage will not really matter that much, no matter how many keywords and phrases you put there, and how strategically placed they are, they still do not value as heavy as content pages are in search engine algorithms.

Backlinks will help your page go up to the top and that just means that if your backlinks are well supported by SEO, then that would be as much weight as your homepage is. This post, Homepage SEO – Stop Targeting Key Phrases On Your Home Page, explains that targeting key phrases in your links to your homepage is a bad idea.. Yes, you should stop it. But as mentioned there, “key phrases” it does not mean the same as keywords. But if your homepage or website name would be the one that would be most likely looked up by users in the search engines, then that would be a whole different story to make.

What Should Homepages be Instead?

Homepages do not have too much content for users to read on, but still, your content could still be optimized and user-friendly. Try not to focus more on the text-side of the website. You could go and optimize your website by the means of putting different plug-ins on your homepage. Social media plugins like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook could be a very good avenue for your website to be optimized. Images that are well placed and inviting could also add weight to your website to go up the search results page.

Never discount the fact to still make your sentences grammatically correct and attention-drawing. Just don’t fill your homepage with lots of links, try to put everything strategically and in place. Search bars and contact links that are clear would also help it out.

So, Should I Optimize my Homepage?

Definitely! This article does not disqualify the fact that your homepage would not be optimized. SEO is a process not only focused on putting keywords and key phrases in your website. Optimization could be done in a lot of different ways. Homepages are still very important as it would be the first face that people will look at. Try to do things naturally, act like you are the one who visits the page. But here is a very powerful side note, your backlinks are just as powerful as your homepage is. Don’t be too conscious about everything in your homepage, it’s your content that matters.

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