Show Your Brand in Full Colors

In the 21st century, companies no longer can afford to be just huge corporations with employees that create a product you may or may not like.

Today the market and customers need real people behind the brands, and your perfectly great products matter now less than the brand’s reputation.

Your brand’s image is one of your business’s biggest assets, and creating a positive perception of it is crucial to your success. Want to know how to make it? Keep reading!

Why is your brand’s image so important?

Nowadays, you need to do all kinds of things to convince a customer to purchase your services or products. And the most effective way to do that is to change their perception of your brand, make it recognizable and loved by many.

Your brand’s reputation will guarantee you decent sales, and most importantly, pre-sales, for your new products even when people can’t possibly know if they are good or bad.

Your company’s credibility and positive reputation make people come back to you over and over and do not go to other brands and try something new. What for? They have already found something perfect, and it can be only a waste of money for them to purchase it somewhere else.

So, now that we know why you need to put a lot of effort into creating a positive brand image, let’s learn how to do it. There’s no big mystery in it: your brand’s image is a product of a good marketing strategy that includes creating great content, email marketing, and using social media promotion. Let’s talk about it next.

How to create a strong brand image

Your brand’s image consists of three big factors: brand strategy, brand identity, and brand marketing. Working on every one of them is crucial for creating a positive image of your brand.

Brand strategy

This is the first thing that you need to create when you start your company. Brand strategy is the fundament, a plan according to which you will create your company’s identity and will build your marketing strategy in the future.

When you create your brand strategy, you need to decide on the message of your company, who will be your target audience, how you would like your brand to be discovered by people, etc.

Brand identity

Let’s move to brand identity or the visual part of your company’s image. Identity consists of elements that make your company visible to customers. It includes:

  1. your corporate website with a great web design
  2. logo
  3. company’s distinctive colors and fonts
  4. printed production (packaging)
  5. company’s message
  6. content
  7. advertising

All these elements of your company’s identity should be cohesive and work perfectly with each other. Preferably, if all these elements were created by one person or team.

Brand marketing

And the last part of your brand’s image is brand marketing. This part includes every aspect that helps your business bring awareness to your products and bring them to light.

First of all, here we talk about SEO. Content is what will bring the people to your website and make them stay. That’s why all your content on the website should be SEO optimized to show search engines that you work on your content and want it to be helpful to people.

The next essential part of your marketing strategy is advertising. You can create advertisements through PPC and email marketing.

And the last thing is social media marketing. You will get most of the followers, people you can influence to raise your brand’s awareness through this channel.

Make it last: solidifying your brand’s image

So now you know how to create your brand identity, and it is time to put your marketing strategy into practice.

You need to continue building and expanding your social media presence, getting followers on all your channels, and creating new and exciting content for your blog and social media pages.

In addition to basic SEO optimization, start using specialized marketing software to make your content even more successful on the web: you can purchase or find free SMM tools, various marketing apps and get a subscription for email marketing services.

It is also a time when you need to experiment and be creative with your content and message, but in a way that perfectly fits your overall identity. These experiments will help you find new and unique content that attracts your audience and makes your company memorable.

The key thing here is to be consistent, upload new content constantly, and try being as open and close to your audience as possible. Don’t let them forget about you, but don’t be too pushy too. Experiment, analyze, and don’t stop making great content.

What can help your company to become a star of the industry

Being a good brand is not enough. You need to actually be the one that stands out from the crowd and gives people something absolutely unique. Here are the things you can do to make your brand loved by everybody.

Appeal to different audiences

Use both new-age social media and more classic advertising platforms to present your product to different audiences.

You can’t make everyone happy, but you can create a couple of different advertising texts that will appeal to different people! This way, you can present your product from different angles and find more customers that would be happy to purchase it.

Make your content something bigger than just words

Use all kinds of content for your corporate blog and social media. Infographics, audios, skits, videos, photos: all will work! If you can, don’t use stock photos, make original pictures by yourself.

It is very easy nowadays to make interesting content, including videos, because to become a video editor, you no longer need to purchase very expensive software: you can edit video online in a free video editor!

Give people solutions to their problems

Most people don’t just buy something because they are bored or have too much money. Most of them need some kind of a convenient solution for their problem. Make your product be that solution!

Always have a hidden message in your posts that answers three questions:

  1. Why is your product a thing?
  2. What problem does it solve, and how is it different from other similar products?
  3. Why do we need to choose your product particularly?

Creating the text with answers to these questions will give a very solid reason for a customer to buy your product. Even if they had any doubts before, now they are absolutely sure that only you can help them.

Invest in your business

You can use free templates to create your company’s website, but it is better to invest money into a great web design if you can afford it.

A memorable website will be that bewitching little detail that will be able to charm people and force them to come over again and again.

Also, try to update your website regularly to be on-trend and make your customers feel that your corporate page always looks fresh and new!


Your brand identity is the most important asset of your company. It will help you reach customers and explain to them what product you offer, how it will help them, and why they need to choose your product specifically.

All these tiny details seem unnecessary to your brand identity, but they are very important. They make your company alive and close to people.

If you still didn’t create your brand identity, open Google Workspace, call your colleagues, and start working!


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