10 Signs You Should Switch Web Hosts

Some things just have to end and this may include saying goodbye to your web host.

I know; this might be very hard since a client-company relationship has already been established. But sometimes, you need to move on to better your website and your company as a whole.

Adding to the difficulty of switching to web hosts are the risks of security and privacy compromise. Switching web hosts may mean that you have to adjust again to new partnership.

As this might be the case, there are many reasons that will behoove you to make the switch of web hosts rather than suffering further damage to your company. There comes a time that making a switch will be essential for your company’s growth.

For the purpose of this post, we gathered 10 signs that will indicate the need to switch web hosts.

1. Long buffer time

Undeniably, people who use the Internet want fast and reliable loading time. Even if it isn’t your fault and the problem is in their internet connection, they want your page to load no more than five seconds. This problem may arise from poor maintenance of your website by the web host or the web host’s capabilities have reached its limit.

2. Reaching bandwidth limit

If you always reach your bandwidth (ability of your website to perform different tasks at the same time) limit, then this is an indication that you need an additional bandwidth capacity. If your web host cannot provide you with your desired bandwidth, this is an indication to switch web host.

3. Insufficient storage space

Your website might be having an increased content that your storage space cannot accommodate anymore. Every web host offers particular storage space – be it free or with additional charge. You have two choices when it comes to insufficient storage space. First, you can simply upgrade. Second, you can switch web host.

4. Frustrating customer service support

There is nothing more frustrating than not having what you need when you most need it. For example, if you have a question about your website and you try to ask a question to your web host, they must attend to your need the fastest way possible. It is more convenient to have a web host who can offer you live chat or call.

If you email them, how long will you get a response? Or if there is something wrong with your website, are they able to take care of the problem with the least hassle and inconvenience? If they cannot do their work well, then this is a red flag for your current web host.

5. Suspending website without prior notice

Your web host must warn you when they need to suspend their services. You might be caught off-guard if one day you log on to your website and it says error.

Even if this did not happen to you and you just heard that one of your web host’s client experienced sudden suspension, then I believe it is time for you to make the switch.

6. Price is too high.

It’s okay to pay for an expensive price as long as you get what you paid for. But in case you believe that your competitor is spending less for almost the same quality of services, then it is only logical to ditch your current web host.

Moreover, even before you choose a web host, you should have shop around and compare their prices and equivalent services.

7. Lack of website features

Different web hosts means different features. One web host may have some features that others may lack and vice versa.

Know your real need and preferred features. Don’t try to tell yourself that it is okay to settle for less because that is all what you will get if you do not switch web host.

If you find a better web host who can provide you other features, then go for that web host.

8. Security issues

If you have confidential data and information, you don’t want that to fall into the wrong hands. This will place your company into a negative light and may cost you customers. Your site must have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption installed so that hackers and malicious elements will have a hard time breaking into your system.

Addition of SSL encryption may come with additional fees in some cases, but if your web host is asking for unreasonable price, don’t consider this choice.

9. Unsatisfied visitors

If people are starting to complain and they really take the effort to throw their complaints straight at your face, then you have a problem.

Most people who feel that your website is inadequate will less likely come back to your website and even stop using your website altogether. Unsatisfied visitors means loss of customers and loss of customers will mean loss of income. Stop this trend by changing your web host.

10. Hoping to end your contract ASAP

Obviously, if you’re thinking about ending your contract right away, then you obviously need to change your web host. You realize or felt that you need to make a switch because you are unsatisfied with their services.

Will you refer or recommended the web host to your friends or colleagues? If your answer is never, what you need to do is pretty obvious; make the switch.

These are some of the red flags that you should look for when it comes to switching web host or not.

Just to make things better for you and your web host, it is advisable to talk things over before making a major decision. I believe there is a good reason you hired the web host in the first place, right? So work on those reasons and make suggestions.

Maybe, your initiative to make a change is the only thing they need to improve their services as well. It is better to work things together rather than ending the relationship immediately.

Do you have any suggestions, comment, or reaction? Feel free to leave a message on our comment box below.

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