Size Of Facebook Event Cover Photo (2016)

Event cover photo is one of the most wonderful features of Facebook to give your page a more personal and artistic touch. But did you know that Facebook has changed the way cover photo works? You might not notice this, but knowing the changes is very important whether you are a social marketer or a typical Facebook user.

New Dimension for Facebook Event Cover Photo

The most obvious change is the dimension size. Previously, the event cover photo’s dimension is 851 pixel x 315 pixel, but now it is 714 pixel x 264 pixel.

Update as of August 1, 2013: The cover photo for Facebook event is back to 851 pixels in width and 315 pixels in height.

  1. Width: 851 pixels.
  2. Height: 315 pixels.

Size Cover for FB Event

If you have been managing your event cover photo many times now, you might be used to dragging your photo from left to right or vice versa. The new layout of the cover photo will place your photo in a center alignment. Instead of dragging it from left to right, you now drag it from top to bottom and vice versa.

As you organize an event, you will not be required to add a new banner photo, but rather it becomes now an option. Though it is not required now, common sense will tell you that you need to add banner photo to make your event look more appealing and professional.

When uploading a new picture for your event cover picture, you must make sure that you have a picture with an appropriate size. Too big pictures will end up being cropped and too small pictures will become blurred. So you must be ready to find an image with 851 x 315 pixel dimension. This can be tough especially if you have already prepared pictures with the old dimension.

Cover photo and thumbnail

When it comes to posting thumbnails, the full image of your event cover photo will not appear. Only the center portion of the picture will appear. This is something that you need to live with everyday. Hopefully, Facebook will develop a solution that will address this problem. But until that time, you need to make sure that you place important details about your event in the middle of your cover photo.

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