what is the size of facebook group banner (cover photo)?

Facebook is no doubt the most popular social media networking site today.

So it is not really surprising to see so many businesses and private entities who are using Facebook to increase their online presence. To achieve this, they create a Facebook group page that will serve as their online “office” for businesses or an online “representative” of individuals.

There are different ways to customize the Facebook group page. One of these is adding a Facebook group banner or cover letter. This banner is placed on top of your Facebook page. It is the first and biggest image that can be found on your page.

So think about the Facebook group cover photo as a way to improve your image. Therefore, you need to use the right banner size if you really want to optimize the beauty of your Facebook page.

Facebook Group Cover Photo Size

So what is the right size of a Facebook group banner?

According to Facebook, the cover photo or banner size must be at least 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall.

Having a lower resolution will make your photo pixelated and even obscure.

Once you uploaded a cover or banner photo, you can always have the freedom to change it. So you can have numerous chance of testing how your banner will look like on your Facebook group.

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