10+ Best Social Media Canva Templates for Course Creators & Coaches

For a hands-on start-up business owner, juggling many things can be taxing. Save yourself from burnout and have more time to grow the business by checking these 10+ Best Social Media Templates for Course Creators & Coaches that you can use. No need to spend countless of hours crafting visuals or hiring a graphic designer to do it for you. Even with no learning curve, these are easy to use and implement.

10+ Best Social Media Canva Templates for Course Creators & Coaches

1. Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up - Web Design Interior Designers

For anything brand and business-related, Brand Glow Up is at the top of your mind. Besides extending services to help businesses, they also offer ready-to-use templates that are perfect for modern and professional brands. Their impressive background in digital marketing helped them craft Canva templates that are just timeless and aligned with the usual business goals. Truly, their content can help their clients drive conversion and achieve success.

2. Lovely Impact

An ode to leaving an impactful impression on their client’s audience, Lovely Impact offers social media Canva templates for course creators and coaches. Their templates are easy to customize and you can just align the colours to your brand guidelines. More than these, they also extend logo creation and website design which can help their clients develop a more cohesive presence online.

3. Julia On Purpose

Julia On Purpose Social Media Templates

Julia On Purpose extends amazing social media templates dedicated to helping coaches and content creators get started with ease. They cover various objectives which you can play around with and use to get your desired results. More than social media templates, they also offer pricing templates for your coaching services, welcome packet, worksheet, and goodbye packet. Besides this, you can also explore their other offerings which include a template contract, planners, and others.

4. Galaxy Bomb

With a premium and sophisticated monotone design, Galaxy Bomb wows us with coaching social media templates designed to help you score high-ticket clients. The package includes 40+ templates that cover motivational nurturing posts without also forgetting about converting and promotional content. Furthermore, this compilation is easy to use since it’s hosted in Canva. You can also easily personalize by using your brand colours.

5. Productive and Free

Productive & Free Coaches Social Media Tempaltes

Productive and Free wows us with a well-curated collection of templates perfect for coaching businesses. These are all housed in Canva which makes them accessible for everyone and also easy to use. Besides this, the templates they offer cover welcome and goodbye packets, social media templates for your everyday posting, and a pricing packet which you can use for sending quotations to your clients.

6. Launched Creative

Though designed for coaches mainly, Launched Creative wows us with modern and sophisticated social media Canva templates. These use various ready-to-use templates that touch on concepts relating to the industry. You can simply tweak them a bit and personalize them to fit your brand. Besides this, they have a comprehensive assortment of content that allows the user to not post duplicates or immediately need another template for other objectives.

7. Lady Strategist

Lady Strategist Coaches Social Media Templates

Extending a comprehensive collection of templates for women business owners, Lady Strategist touches on social media platforms but also goes beyond. Included in their roster is a LinkedIn template which you can rarely find. Besides this, they extend various templates for creating a course, workbooks, email signatures, lead magnets, webinar creators, and more. In plain words, they sure got everything you may need and more.

8. Etsy

A go-to for anything crafted physically or digitally, Etsy has an overflowing selection of wonderful social media templates editable on Canva that you can check out and see if fitting to your brand. Moreover, the creators cover almost any possible industry so you can quickly search for your industry and discover wonderful social media template collections that are also specific to your niche.

9.  Creatian

Creatian Social Media Templates

Creatian is a wonderful website that offers comprehensive templates for any digital product of content possible. Our top-picked template for coaches and content creators from their roster is this 475+ Canva template compilation. The bundle includes social media templates, webinar and course slides, ebook and workbook templates, onboarding letters, course planners, and more. A truly valuable purchase one can invest in.

10. Brittany Darrington

Offering a whopping 1,000+ Canva templates for coaches and content creators, Brittany Darrington sure knows what to say to make her digital product as compelling as possible. She extends a wide library of templates you can play around with and tweak depending on your most immediate goal. Surely, this is also ideal for those without comprehensive Photoshop experience since these are all accessible even for newbies and housed in Canva.


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