11 best social media sharing buttons plugins for wordpress

There are many plugins that you can use for your WordPress site that’ll surely improve your social shares. But do you really need them?

Today, without social marketing effort, people won’t be seeing your website.

Of course, not all website owners are social media genius.

But there are tools that you can use to maximize social marketing tool and improve the performance of your site.

If you haven’t used any of these social media plugins, then you’re missing a lot of things. In this article, you’ll find a list of the best social media sharing buttons plugins for WordPress in 2014.

Digg Digg


It’s a social share plugin that lets you share content on several bookmarking sites and social networking media. It also offers ways to display social share buttons, like manual, floating and normal. You can display the button on your site’s home page, single page, single post, tag pages, and category pages. To make it work for your site, you’ll need WordPress 2.3 or higher.

Simple Share Buttons Adder


It’s worth mentioning that this plugin earned a 4.9 star rating after being downloaded for more than 120,000 times. This plugin lets you add social networking sites, such as Diggit, Flattr, Google, LinkedIn Reddit and Tumblr. It’s very simple to use as it lets you drag and drop those social sharing buttons that you’d like to use for your site. Adding custom icons is also possible with this plugin.

Share Buttons by AddToAny


This plugin helps your readers share your articles on the most popular social networking sites and webmail services. Using it is effortless. Your users won’t have a hard time sharing your posts to their social media accounts. It also comes with tools that can help your regular visitors in bookmarking your posts. They’re more likely to return to your site for future reference.

Pinterest “Pin It” Button


This plugin makes it easier for your readers to pin your images. It allows you to choose which image and description to use to best represent your post. With that in mind, it avoids your post to be unSEO-friendly. Through its several features, your visitors can avoid accidentally pinning certain images that’ll go back to your site’s main page, rather than the specific blog post.

Floating Social Media Icon


It comes with different setting options to show social sharing buttons on your site’s pages or posts. You can choose it to float or not to float on your reader’s screen. It supports shortcode and multiple widgets as well.



You can add the buttons on your post’s content or in the Call To Action box. It lets you choose which social sharing button you’d like to display. This plugin includes 12 popular sharing buttons. It can also be integrated with Bitly, which is a URL shortening service.

Social Media Feather


This is a lightweight plugin that earns 4.6 star rating from its users. To make this plugin works faster, the developer didn’t use JavaScript. But it can still provide the social media features that you need to improve shares.

Share This


It has been downloaded more than a million times with a 3.2 star rating. Thanks to its 120 social channels that allow your readers to share your posts anywhere. It also comes with a social analytics to have greater insights about your posts and the behavior of your visitors.

WP Flare


It’s a plugin with an eye-catching interface that encourages your readers to share your posts to several social networking sites. With this plugin, you can add a Follow Me widget to gain more followers. You can choose where the sharing buttons will appear.

WP Socializer


The social bookmarking buttons are in 16×32 pixels. It includes 107 social bookmarking sites, like Digg, LinkedIn, Reddit and StumbleUpon. It also supports the use of shortcodes. Plus, social widgets can be added without the use of external individual plugins.

Social Sharing Buttons by Addshoppers


It doesn’t only allow your readers to share you content to other social networking sites but it also lets you track sharing activity of your visitors. In this way, you’ll know which social media sites are sending you more traffic. Compatible with WordPress 3.5.2, this plugin receives 5 star rating from its thousands of users.

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