Staying Fit And Healthy As A Web Designer

Since the start of technology, people have been introduced to a lot new ways of spending their quality and most productive time. Whether that time is purely for fun, for work, for socializing, or for hacking into somebody else’s system, the tendency that we all face here is that we may run out of track of our time, making those activities consume the most hours of our day to the point that we lose our health.

Let’s face some facts before we continue to the topic. Remember that we all share the same amount of hours in a day, and that is only 24 hours. Remember also that work is endless, and the same goes with fun which we can always find if we choose to.

So, in other words, all we need is a little amount of thinking—thinking what is truly important to us and what is truly the most powerful thing to make us happy in the end. Will the codes that you put on your webpage be as productive to your body? Will those navigation bars equate to a weight bar that you can lift every morning? Think again.

These tips below are some of those which have been shared by many healthy individuals while staying productive as web designers and developers. If I were you, I would really give a try… at least to one of these.

1. Work is endless.

Instead of simply using a daily planner, choose to also have a weekly planner and a monthly planner, not to mention the annual one as well.

This means that, instead of putting all those tasks in one go for a ‘do-it-later’ thing, you must learn to let some task be enumerated on a ‘do-it-tomorrow’ list.

Work is endless, and if you are good with what you do, these opportunities won’t run dry. If you really wanted to be productive, you need to consider along the way how you want to be productive as well on your own physique. Don’t risk your body for your work.

2. Have regular breaks.

If health is a better concern for you than simply playing with the colors of the web, then you must learn the value of having breaks.

Breaks can be done once or twice in an hour, and this means that you really need to stand up, walk, do your hobby, or simply stare at the blue sky.

A break is really helpful for your overall wellness. It makes your eyes see other things rather than staring at the bright screen. It makes your mind diverted if you are stressed out of your work.

If relieves the pressure getting accumulated on your neck, shoulders, and back. It makes you muscles work. It gives you a chance to do something else and even notice beautiful things you might have missed these days.

3. Stare away.

One common complaints of those who are fond of staying late because of computer works or games is having a strained or poorer eyesight.

Problems range from simply red-sore eyes to astigmatism, and can even get worse overtime. The many others also suffer from being near-sighted, making far objects look blurry and fuzzy.

A doctor told me that to get rid of these sores, aside from and within having breaks, is to look far away.

Look for the farthest thing that your eyes can reach, and enjoy the colors, focus on the details, and do that for a few minutes. This will set your eyes back on its ‘normal’ state, and you can get back to work refreshed.

You may also want to enjoy some exercises for your eyes. For Dummies offers some easy tips for you to keep your eyes rolling.

4. Stretch.

This tip here doesn’t only mean that you stand up and stretch your arms; my point here is that you must make your whole body move.

Stand up, jog a little, jump a few leaps, crack some knuckles, flip those joints back and forth, lift some objects, and anything that will put your bones and tendons back on coordination.

WonderHowTo also offers some fantastic tricks to doing exercise even while on your seat. Yes, you may need some few tools here, but the effects are but amazing.

5. A time for a run.

Who would not admit that running is a very powerful exercise to do? Running virtually makes all your body parts work, and it can also be fun if you did it with friends and with a piece of music playing on your ears.

If you are lucky, you may want to spend some time swimming on a pool as well. The principle here is that you must really get out of your room, allocate an hour or half on it for some gymnastic activities, and I mean this—enjoy them.

6. Rest.

Your brain, just in case you still do not know it, has its own ‘uploading’ and ‘downloading’ schemes. When you are working, your brain is trying to upload as much ‘stressors’ as possible, and this means that you must ‘dump’ them simply by resting.

The best form of rest is sleep, and there’s no way to turn that around.

You may also argue that you can do something else as an alternative to napping or sleeping. This case may not be true, as again, your brain will be working again no matter how light it is. Sleeping allows your brain to completely shut down all the unnecessary bodily and mental functions, so that you get the most of refreshment when you wake up.

7. Hydrate and breathe.

Your body but especially your brain needs two basic elements to work properly: water and air. Check out your location: is your workplace properly ventilated? You may even want to put some plants around you. Your brain needs oxygen for it to work completely and properly.

Stop smoking also. If you think it helps, I don’t need that much proof to show you that it ultimately doesn’t. Drink lots of liquids, and this does not mean you only drink water.

This is not the best time to educate you of what to drink or not, but as long as you drink something else in moderation, you should be in a good way.

8. Staying awake?

Most people think that caffeine and nicotine are effective ways to keep you ‘high’ for work and for productivity in the end.

They may apparently help, but if you try to do a little research, they are not really necessities to staying awake, alert, and aware.

Listen to music, expose yourself to a properly-lit location, have more than regular breaks, chew something such as a gum, an ice or peanuts—these all work at least temporarily to keep you on track.

The best way to keep yourself off from dozing off at work is to have a plenty of good rest at night, eat healthy food, and of course, have a healthy mind set. Remember: having lack of sleep because of work is a sign that you have a poor time management.

9. Get the right materials.

Don’t waste your health on your job by not procuring the right materials. What chair are you sitting on? Is your monitor far enough from your eyes? Does your elbow level well with your keyboard and your mouse?

Look for tools and resources that will make your workstation truly friendly and smart in ergonomics as well as in comfort. If you are unsure, do a little research, or you may ask for some expert advice.

Make your workstation a viable agent for your health as well.

10. Just purely enjoy.

Many workers end up being miserable with their work simply because they didn’t enjoy their work and even their career.

If you are really enjoying what you are doing with the web, then it must be evident in your own body. A happy mind creates a happy, youthful body. The question is, do you wear that body?

Stress happens because you failed to take control of something. Are you complaining about something else if it is not your work? Then take action. It’s all there up in your brain. If you want a healthy body, then start having a healthy mind. If you want to get sickly, then waste your brain.

If you find it hard to enjoy what you used to enjoy, let’s say designing for the web, then you must find yourself some other ways to keep you in the mood. Start socializing, play with your kids, bark with your dogs, go to malls, buy your favourite snack, enjoy some TV programs with your family, or simply knock yourself on a heavenly sofa.

Your health is but your only way out to a healthy and happy lifestyle in the future. Dedicate more of your thinking on how you can invest further, and these include your health more than or aside from harnessing material properties.

Being a web designer and a web developer can in many ways lead to these dreams of yours, and unless you wanted to maintain discipline, your health can go wrong in the end.

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