7 Beautiful And Great Examples About Still Life Photography

Capturing still life is fascinating. Since most companies and websites require product shots for their brands, still life photography is considered a lucrative business. But you don’t need a fancy location to start this type of business. You can use enough space at home and get a simple backdrop. It doesn’t really matter how big your space is or how expensive your camera is. What matters most is your creativity.

You need to capture what’s there in front of you. The good thing about it is that you have control over the subject matter. Then again, being creative can capture the subject in a more engaging and interesting way.

What you’re capturing is up to you. Take a look at your surroundings and find something that’s interesting. Or you can go out in the woods and capture everything that you see. But, remember that you don’t need to take photos of fruits, flowers or animals that you see. You should think outside the box. Choose a subject that catches your eye.

For your inspiration, here’s a list of outstanding still life photos. They can provide you with interesting subjects that you can start with.

1. A Heart For Rain By Sternenfern

A Heart For Rain By Sternenfern

The background is simply stunning. When taking still life, you have to use something that doesn’t look dull and boring. This example has a background that became the main component of contrast. The droplets add to the extra natural effect of the photo. It doesn’t have unwanted reflections or bright spots.

2. For The Day After

For The Day After

The layout is simply amazing. The photographer didn’t have to juggle the objects to make it more appealing. This is the kind of photo that you may want to use if you’re capturing shots for a restaurant company. This picture communicates with the viewer in a sensory level. The objects in the photo are perfectly arranged.

3. Quality Time by Farley Machan

Quality Time by Farley Machan

It’s not an ad about Amazon. The light and the background convey the story in the picture. The natural light offers a special glow and effect to the photo. This outdoor shot captures what the nature has to offer. The cloudy shade provides a different feel. The boxes formed into human beings are extremely creative. One can say that it’s a bonding between a parent and a child.

4. Not So Fruity by Stew Calladine

Not So Fruity by Stew Calladine

Okay, this one isn’t appetizing. But you can’t deny the fact that it’s creative and wonderful. The lighting is used to emphasize the object, i.e. rotten green apple. The crumpled paper adds interest and depth to the shot. The photographer surely knows how to use the light to his advantage.

5. Rebirth By Amy Weiss

Rebirth By Amy Weiss

The objects used here took an artistic eye. Each one fits into the common theme – the shape, color, function and texture. The background and the lighting complement the overall shot. They didn’t distract the subject. Although the background blends with the subject, it has a different tone than the subject itself to emphasize it.

6. November Rain by Harald Bildner

November Rain by Harald Bildner

This is a great example of sophisticated sense of composition. This perfect composition uses one object to act as an anchor for the eye while other objects offer warmth. The natural light used isn’t at all boring. It makes the objects’ colors richer. The light and the objects provide visual balance.

7. The Milk by Maria Kolsova

The Milk by Maria Kolsova

This is ideal for food photography. The intensity of the light here doesn’t alter the look of the objects, e.g. the milk. This is one of the most challenging subjects because it involves moving. But the photographer knows what she’s doing to freeze the “moving” milk.

Now that you have this list of still life photos, it’s your turn to find a subject for you still life photography experiment. You just have to remember to be creative when shooting objects. You must also experiment with your camera’s angles and the lighting. Remember that still life photography isn’t all about fruit and flowers. Find something that gets you excited and start capturing it.

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