How To Stop Receiving Email Notifications On Twitter

Isn’t it convenient to receive email notifications from Twitter? I mean, with all the log-ins and accounts that you have to check, you can surely appreciate seeing the updates on your email account, right? You at least don’t have to keep on logging-in to your Twitter account just to see the updates.

You just have to log-in your email (which you normally do anyway), and you’ll be updated on the things that you need to know about your connections on Twitter.

It would’ve been nice if that’s how you felt but what if you’re annoyed by it? What if you wished your email to be free from these Twitter updates? What if you just want your email account all for yourself and only receive emails from your friends or clients?

Friends, you always have a choice! If your situation is the latter, then I’d be glad to help you so you won’t have to keep on receiving email notification from Twitter.

Here’s what you need to do to stop receiving email notification from them:

  1. Log in to your Twitter account
  2. You then need to click the “gear” icon with the drop-down arrow on the upper right side of the page. You can see this icon between the “compose a new tweet” button and the search bar.
  3. You need to click the “Settings” option from the drop down menu. I’ll take you to a different page.
  4. You then have to click the “Email Notifications” link on the left part of the page.
  5. You should see the options on the right hand side of the page has changed. You’ll see several boxes that are checked and some aren’t. These boxes are your email notification custom page. If you uncheck all of it, then you won’t receive a single email notification from Twitter.
  6. If however, you just want to receive certain emails from Twitter, then just go through the check box and check the ones that you’d like to receive email about.

After going through all of these steps, your problem would have already been solved. You won’t receive a single email from Twitter anymore.

You can now start having your email account all for yourself and stop receiving any notifications from Twitter about the current happenings within your circle.

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