Making Subscription Private On Youtube

If you like a certain video channel on Youtube, you may subscribe to it so that you will be updated with their latest video posts. Other users will be able to view your subscriptions but you may choose to keep it private. When you choose this setting, other users will not be able to view which Youtube channels you are subscribed to. Follow this easy tutorial on how to make your Youtube subscriptions private.


  1. In the upper right portion of your page, press your username.
  2. A menu will appear below your username. Select Youtube settings.
  3. On the left panel of the page, your Account settings will be displayed. Select Privacy.
  4. Under Likes and Subscriptions, tick the checkbox for Keep all my subscriptions private.
  5. Don’t forget to hit Save located at the upper right corner of the page.

Things you need to know:

  1. Even if your subscriptions are hidden, you can still access them. To do this, simply click your username. A Youtube menu will appear then press Subscriptions.
  2. You may also keep your likes private. To do this, repeat the steps above but tick the checkbox for Keep all my likes private.

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