Take your business to the next level with a reliable social media customer service tool

When social media managers end up completely covered with many creative tasks, such as preparing a strategy or creating a content plan, they sometimes forget about completing those less creative but often more important tasks. One of them can be social media reporting, but customer service on social media is often neglected too. Regularly being overworked, social media managers may simply ignore these tasks or not pay enough attention to them. However, customer service on social media can impact on many factors, even on growing sales, engagement rates, or overall brand awareness.

Tools for social media customer service can help social media managers handle some requests and automate some of the tedious tasks connected with customer support. What is a social media customer service tool that you should include in your toolbox? Let’s find out.

NapoleonCat as a complex social media customer service tool

If you are looking for a solution that can help you manage issues and questions from all over social media, Napoleon Cat is a good shout. With the feature called Social Inbox, you can easily manage requests of your brand coming from various social media inboxes. What does it give you? Well, first of all, you have them all in one place and you don’t have to look for data elsewhere. A second factor is just about the huge savings of time this gives since access to messages is quick and undisturbed. Your response time will skyrocket and your clients or potential consumers will be happier with the customer service you provide. You also can manage processes with automatically-assigned tickets, tags and internal notes. NapoleonCat is a social media customer service tool you never knew you always needed, which takes care not only of social media customer service but also of community management and social media scheduling.

A social media customer service tool for monitoring – Brand24

Do you know how to leverage social media monitoring for customer support? Many marketers are not aware of the role that is played by effective social media listening, and they only use it to recognize some potential brand ambassadors. However, it is not the only usage of these kinds of tools, since social media monitoring can also help you avoid a social media crisis that can arise as the result of poor social media customer service. Considering using Brand24 as a social media customer service tool is a great idea for every brand that wants to prevent any unpleasant situations online. With Brand24, you can monitor selected keywords or phrases, and receive useful reports and streams of any social media mentions of your brand. This way, you can react to them in real-time. Many of these mentions may concern customer care: problems with an order or product, being dissatisfied with customer support, and other issues addressed on social media. The sooner you find out about them, the sooner you can react.

Chatbotize – build a chatbot and use it as a social media customer service tool

On the lookout for more tools for social media customer service? We have got you covered. With Chatbotize, you can create and manage intuitive chatbots that you can implement for your social media, e-commerce store and website. Building a chatbot does not have to be a nightmare, especially if you do not have to build it from scratch. Chatbotize offers a bundle of useful plugins that you can use to fully customize your chatbot and actually have it ready in minutes. With a chatbot, you can handle customer requests more quickly and efficiently, helping provide a high-quality service that can improve satisfaction. You can automate frequently asked questions and therefore provide non-stop support, even when you’re not personally on hand to respond. And this is exactly what your clients are looking for and expect nowadays from brands on social media.

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