how to get more targeted twitter followers faster (with tweepi)

I wasn’t really fond of Twitter back then. Probably because I thought it was for people who had a lot of talkative friends or fans, or those who have a lot to say.

How To Get More Twitter Followers


I was still using it anyway. Well, I had to (you know, because I’m a blogger and I must have it). It just I didn’t really take it that seriously.

..until I saw the amount of traffic I’ve been getting.

I was like.. “Wow. This is unexpected. Now I understand why these bloggers in my industry are cray cray about Twitter.”

So from then, I started reading articles about Twitter marketing, and experimented with different Twitter tools – those tools that would help me build a strong Twitter presence.

Some tools were OK. Some sucked. Some were totally awesome!

And those awesome ones are Hootsuite, IFTTT, and Tweepi. I use Hootsuite to schedule my posts, IFTTT to automate some of my posts, and Tweepi to grow my Twitter followers.

And this post is about growing your Twitter followers count (the faster way).

So we’re going to talk about Tweepi.

What is Tweepi?

Tweepi is a tool that will help you manage your Twitter followers, and grow your followers faster. And these followers are authentic and targeted if you use the tool correctly (tutorial below). Here’s a sneak peek of Tweepi’s dashboard:



Heck yeah. Sounds about right. And no. You’re not going to spam people.

I used to think that these automated tools wouldn’t help that much…. I was wrong. Not all of them. You just got to find the tool that’s right for you.

I saw how some people in my niche are in love with Tweepi. So I gave it a try.

And guess what?

I was impressed the very first time I used this bad boy. So I purchased a premium plan right away and never went back.

I can follow the followers of my competitors. I can follow those people that are using hashtags relevant to my niche. I get to find people that are using a certain keyword in their bio or tweets. I get to clean up my account.

I just LOVE IT!

Remember, if you want people to recognize you, you need to introduce yourself first.

Tweepi makes it easier for me to find my ideal users and introduce myself by following them, and interacting with them later on. Not to mention, this badass tool helps me increase my productivity 10x more.

Most likely, people would follow back because you have the same interests (that’s how it works for me). And they become interested in what you have to offer, or will refer you to people they know.

Great strategy, don’t you think so?

In fact, it’s now my second referral source for social traffic next to Pinterest.

Okay, now let’s see how you can find your tribe using Tweepi. Ready?

How To Find Your Ideal Users on Twitter

This step-by-step guide might look confusing but keep reading. It’s not as complicated as it looks. You’ll easily get the hang of it!

Step #1: Sign up for an account on Tweepi

Obviously, you need to sign up for an account on You can easily sign up using your Twitter account. Click “Proceed to Twitter” button.

Twitter button

Click “Authorize app”.

Authorize app

Fill the form with your details to create a Tweepi account > click “Start using Tweepi” button.

Step #2: Upgrade to Platinum Plan

I recommend you to upgrade so you get to use all of their features. It’s only $14.99USD/month – no contract at all! You’re able to cancel anytime.

Tweepi packages

PS: You can still use the free one to see if it’s something that you want.

Step #3: Find & follow your ideal users

Like I’ve said, the trick here is you will find and follow those people that you think will be interested in you and what you offer. They will most likely follow back because you guys have the same interests.

You can do this in 4 different ways:

Option #1: Follow the followers of a competitor with a large following

For example, Mari Smith (@MariSmith) has 370k+ followers. I will follow her followers using the “By @user’s followers” from the “Follow Tools” drop down menu > enter her username (@MariSmith) > click “search” button.

following the followers of a competitor

Now a list of her followers will show up. Some might not be relevant to me so I’m going to add a filter criteria and sort it by “last tweeted” (because you don’t want to follow inactive tweeters).

following the followers of a competitor

Option #2: Follow people that tweets with a hashtag or a keyword relevant to you:

You can use a blog post title, #hashtags, or any keywords to search for tweets.

Using a blog post title:

For example, I’m in the social media marketing industry, I would go to and take the title from their latest content. For example, this content “Instagram Expands Ad Platform: This Week in Social Media”, I will copy the content title and paste it under the “Follow by Tweet Search” form.

tweet search

Click “Search”, then VOILA! A list of tweeters of this content will show up. Just hover on each profile and click “Follow”. Easy peasy.

tweet search

Using a #hashtag:

Another example, I’m search for tweets that use #SocialMediaMarketing. Take a look at how Tweepi shows me the list of people that tweets with #SocialMediaMarketing.

tweet search 2

Option #3: Follow users that are using your keywords in their bio

Here’s another effective feature, I can search up for public Twitter accounts by full name, company name, location or bio keywords. For example, I put “social media marketing” in the form, a list of tweeters with this keyword in their bio will show up.

user search on Twitter

Option #4: Follow people from a relevant Twitter list

You can also use Twitter lists with large number of members. You can search up for a popular competitor and check their lists. For example, I’m checking out @KimReynolds lists. I see a Twitter list with a large number of members that looks relevant to me, which called “SMMW15 Talk”.

user search on Twitter

So I’m going to use Tweepi’s follow tool “By list members” and insert @KimReynolds username and select SMMW15 Talk from the dropdown selection.

user search on Twitter

Woot! Now the members of the list are showing up. Of course, I’d only follow those who are active so I’m sorting it out by “Last Tweeted”.

Things You Need To Know:

You should do other activities other than just “following” people. Based on what I heard (from the PROs), Twitter might consider you as a spammer if you follow too fast especially if your account is newly created. So be sure to engage with your Twitter friends like retweeting tweets, talking to them, etc.

Other Awesome Features

Tweepi doesn’t just offer “GROWING FOLLOWERS” features. It also helps you manage your Twitter. Here’s a list of things you can do with it:

  • Add people to your lists
  • Unfollow inactive accounts
  • Unfollow users with no profile photo and/or bio-less
  • Unfollow those who are NOT following you back
  • Add more filter criteria: I love how I can exclude people based on their profile avatars, usernames or name or bio (that contains/don’t contain “X” keywords), follower count (greater or less than X, location), protected/unprotected accounts, verified/unverified accounts, languages, membership age
  • And many more!

Another thing I love about them is they care about you. They keep you updated with Twitter rules, and they will stop you once you reach your limits.

Now you’ve learned another trick! Good luck 🙂 Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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