The Main Reason Why Your Business Should Sponsor a Local Beautification Project

A company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy is essential to investors, consumers and employees. Businesses looking to improve their ESG should consider sponsoring a community-based beautification project.

Whether financing projects, organizing workplace volunteers or commissioning community members to get their hands dirty, there are several ways for businesses to get involved and make a difference.

Beautification Projects Increase Business Success

According to Fidelity Charitable, 26% of employees want to volunteer in their companies’ philanthropic activities, while 42% would like time off to give back to causes that matter to them. Sadly, few organizations offer these opportunities to their workforce.

Your business would greatly benefit from sponsoring a beautification project for the following reasons:

  • Improves job satisfaction and performance
  • Helps companies attract and retain talent
  • Boosts corporate reputation
  • Increase your organization’s bottom line

Most importantly, it allows team members to get involved in the community while fostering teamwork, collaboration and problem-solving skills they can bring back to the office.

5 Community Beautification Projects for Companies to Support

Beautification projects aim to improve the community’s appearance and quality of life. As a significant contributor to the regional economy, companies should give back to boost the local market, bring in new businesses and create new opportunities for well-being. Here are five beautification projects that your enterprise can sponsor and support.

1.   Add a Pop of Color

Is there a quaint downtown area in your community that lost its luster? Consider a grant to paint your town and make it more inviting. Additionally, you and your employees can participate in designing murals and painting light posts.

Companies should contact local artists to replicate their original artwork and contact schools so teachers can involve students in the project. The town will become recognized for its vibrant appearance and bustling environment, drawing in visitors and further boosting revenue and employment opportunities.

2.   Plant Trees

Green spaces look great and improve mental health, especially in urban, concrete-laden areas.

Adding greenery throughout the community creates an inviting atmosphere that delivers quality air by sequestering carbon dioxide, increasing property values and providing a nature escape for residents simultaneously. They also provide ample shading and decrease the heat island effect.

Tree planting also promotes more outdoor activities among residents. People are more apt to spend time outdoors with a lovely space to explore and relax. Your business can sponsor a tree-planting event by partnering with the city to enhance the natural environment, bolstering local opinions of you.

3.   Pick Up Trash

Companies might also sponsor a trash pick-up beautification project in a park or neighborhood. Trash pick-ups are popular team-building activities for employees to work together for a common cause and hone their problem-solving capabilities.

Many workers enjoy projects where they can participate in their organization’s efforts to give back, gaining a sense of greater fulfillment from their work and the company itself.

Employees learn numerous lessons from participating in beautifying their towns. From a professional development perspective, they foster deeper working relationships, are encouraged to think outside the box and contribute fresh ideas for business success.

4.   Lay Positivity Stones

Community members can decorate positivity stones with positive sayings and words. Employees and community members may work together to paint rocks and write things like “hope,” “power,” “love” and “be kind.”

These words of kindness are enough to bring a smile to everyone’s faces and infuse joy and color into a drab community. Sponsoring a rock-painting event is one option. Your company can also help create and lay the positivity stones in parks, school grounds and even around the company’s campus. The stones could be the size of river rocks or larger pavers.

5.   Start a Community Garden

A community garden beautifies the neighborhood and delivers a nutritious food source to underserved people in the community. It’s also an educational opportunity for residents to grow their food and learn to cook healthy meals.

Your business can sponsor a new community garden, providing the necessary funds needed for materials. Employees might also lend their hands to preparing the community garden for occupants to plant fruits and vegetables and teach others about nutrition.

Your Business Can Make a Difference in Your Community

Locals often commend partnerships with organizations near and far — yet, you shouldn’t forget to set your sights on home. There are plenty of ways your company can make a difference locally by sponsoring beautification projects.

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