The Reality of Troubleshooting and Errors In Kadence Child Theme

Creating and designing a website is fun, although errors and troubleshooting are not, even with hundreds of Kadence child theme tutorials available. It is every website creator’s nightmare to be faced with the sudden slap of an error. But troubleshooting has been made easier by hundreds of experts as more and more people explore website creation.

The Horror of Errors

kadence child theme errors and troubleshooting

The beginning of your website creation starts by activating a theme. The Kadence child theme is one of the most used on WordPress, and it is no surprise because of its impeccable features. Nevertheless, it also comes with unavoidable errors like installation errors. Importing a theme can take a lot of patience when luck isn’t on your side. If your installation didn’t push through, just keep trying, easier said than done. There’s a chance that it still won’t push through after several attempts, what you can do is disable all your plugins except for the Kadence Starter Templates. Once your demo content is imported, you can activate all your plugins again.

Internal Server Error (500) shows up on your website, you should contact your website host for help. Hosts have classified information as to why the error exists. Your host will fix that right in a jiffy.

Most experts advise website creators, especially beginners to seek host assistance if there is a persistent error in their work.

Content Errors In Kadence Child Theme

Meanwhile, on blog pages, there are certain times when blog posts are unavailable. But we can fix that. Edit the page where you see the error> scroll down to where the error > click the element > remove the category > add it back > update. Once you view your page, you can now see the blog post. This can also happen to products on e-commerce websites. Nonetheless, you can repeat this process to show the element on your page.

Another error that occasionally pops up on the screen is this block contains unexpected or invalid content. It can easily be repaired by clicking the attempt block recovery. According to WordPress Support, a couple of reasons as to why this may occur is if you modify the HTML of the block and make a syntax error. Always be careful when directly altering your HTML codes since this is highly sensitive and causes numerous errors on your website.

Lastly, importing images to your website can also be a drag since they can sometimes appear missing or blank. When this happens, here’s what you can do about it. Click on the image > select the pencil icon > wait for your website gallery to load > re-upload the image. If you cannot find your images in your gallery, simply re-upload, add them to the gallery, and update. This is usually for stubborn images that are either too big or too small for the allotted space. 

Remedy for Errors

The internet allows creators from all over the world to share their knowledge, whether through blog posts or videos. As a result, this information is useful to creators who are still learning their way through website creation. Kadence tutorials are among the most viewed WordPress themes because of their outstanding features. Especially with the child theme, Kadence tutorials offer a complete step-by-step guide to achieving the website you want.

As much as everyone wants to have the best website available to them, that isn’t always the case. Not everyone has the time nor the patience to build a website, design, and maintain it. Here’s where Brand Glow Up comes to the scene and takes care of your website and marketing needs. We offer a variety of services to clients and provide impeccable performance. Contact us today!

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