10 Of The Best Red-themed Website Designs For Inspiration

In any field of designing and the arts, color plays an important role, especially when it comes to harmony, visual appeal, and the theme of the website or blog. Choosing the right color is also relevant to what kind of website you would like to market and to what audience you would like to market it to, so you better choose carefully with your color schemes and combinations. In this article, we give you 10 of the greatest website designs with red themes.

List of the 10 best red web designs

Without further do, here is the list of the best web designs for you:

Derek Boateng

Here is a simplistic web design that has light red colors to it. The designs are not only light but also minimalistic in nature and atmosphere. It mostly uses symbols.

Ketch Studio

Ketch Studio’s website home page has a nice red patterned background to it and some neat graphic designs, but it actually comes in different colors for the website’s content and other pages.


This is the website of a Japanese restaurant serving up fine dining, so it is quite natural that they would use a website that has red all over it for a more ‘oriental’ feel.

Logo Heroes

Here is a neat website that is not just for inspiration with a red-themed website, but also for creating logos!

MKJ Creative

This graphic studio website is quite creative and has a neat fading scroll effect on the red background. The typography is professional, too.

Portal CVI Refrigirantes

The red on this website is quite brilliant and vibrant, and so is the content arrangement. The graphic effects are awesome as well.


This portfolio of a designer and developer team has a minimalistic approach to it, but nonetheless, quite nice and neat.

Trionn Design

The reds on this one are a bit wavy and light, and the background moves! It really defines what we call “flow of creativity”.

Le 28 Thiers

Here is a French website with exquisite but clean theme and interface that is easy to load and navigate to.

Green Onion

Green Onion is a Chinese restaurant, so it is only natural that the colors should be oriental, in this case, red. It might not be as flashy as the many HTML5 sites with scrolling effects and such, but you have to admit sometimes simplicity and traditional designs work too.


If you are lacking ideas when it comes to red web designs, then check out these ones we have prepared for you, to boost your creativity and make progress in your work or field.

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