10+ Best Therapy Website Examples & Inspirations

Inspire hope and help more people have better emotional and mental health by generating more traffic online. This can be done by revamping your old website (or crafting a new one) with new ideas from these 10+ Best Therapy Website Examples & Inspirations. With this list, we hope you can get which idea works well for your clinic.

10+ Best Therapy Website Examples & Inspirations

1. Hands Above

Hands Above Therapy Websites Examples

With an immersive website display, Hands Above gives off comfort and warmth to the visitor. The human elements help them invoke these feelings without feeling forced. The lead is impactful on the execution since white stood out really well from the brownish-red image. Furthermore, they also kept it all simple and had a summary on the first half of the website — ideal for those who skim.

2. Think Psychology

A neat clinical website design that’s straight to the point. Think Psychology added a photo of the resident psychologist to establish rapport and build trust ahead of time. Besides adding call-to-action buttons, they also implemented a section that boasts of their statistics which further helps establish their credibility in the industry.

3. Online Therapy

Dr Lisa Novac Therapy Websites Examples

Impactful, Online Therapy by Dr Lisa Novak kept it simple with a headline and how she can help the visitor. There is also a call-to-action right after which allows them to touch base with the therapist ASAP. Scrolling further, we get to see a bit about the business and how she can help her clients. Furthermore, the approach to therapy is also included to give the visitor an idea of what to expect.

4. My Recon Therapy

One of the best therapy website design examples, My Recon Therapy is all about minimalism. They kept the layout neat and focused on content. With a short introduction of the resident therapist, they also added a video clip for those who don’t have much time or patience to read. Moreover, the systematic and chronological depiction of the therapy process helps visitors to picture exactly what they’re getting and how this can help them every step of the way.

5. Therapists in Baltimore

Baltimore Therapy Websites Examples

Focused on the services they provide and how these can help their target audience, Therapists in Baltimore kept their copy comforting and empathetic. Additionally, their use of human images added a sense of authenticity that can help clients get comfortable and touch base with them. Call-to-action buttons are also implemented to ensure that potentials are maximised.

6. Rewire Me

Quite with a dark theme, Rewire Me aims to guide its target audience to have hope and remain thriving in life. Their web copy is succinct and written in an empathetic tone of voice. With an understanding of the troubles their visitors might be going through, they also added a quick overview of their process and how each step can benefit them. Additionally, they added a locations tab to help in-person clients locate them.

7. Faithful Counseling

Faithful Counseling Website Inspiration

Faithful Counseling is another good therapy website design you can explore. They have a neat and professional website design which is actually good for establishing authority. Their sections are dedicated to giving more information about their process and philosophies which would allow them to easily gauge if they align with them.

8. Emma Peck Therapy

With an empathetic feel, Emma Peck Therapy has a more personal approach on its website. It’s like building a relationship with the audience, they work on building rapport and ensuring that they feel understood. Furthermore, they added customer feedback and testimonials which help them establish their credibility in the business. At the same time, they also extend free phone consultations which they can avail of and try the services they extend before any commitment.

9. Dr Stephen Oreski

Dr Stephe Therapy Websites Ideas

Dr Stephen Oreski has a professional and clinical website design. The website has a light and comfortable feel that is true to what their clients may need. Moreover, they have a section dedicated to the services they offer with a brief overview. There are also call-to-action buttons dedicated to nudging the visitor to explore the concepts more and find the perfect solution for them.

10. Savannah Therapist

Another good therapist website design example, Savannah Therapist promotes hope through their light and colourful website design. Furthermore, they also added a quick list of services along with a quick description of how each can improve the quality of your life. To further get you comfortable, they also added a section with all their counsellors. In the end, they also added the list of partners they’ve worked with in the past to establish their authority and improve the overall clinic reputation too.


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