These 5 Simple Tips Will Help You Get Noticed On Instagram

Social media is now one of the top ways people choose to share and show off their lives. From pictures of that new puppy, to a selfie at the office, to baby pictures, live videos and more; our lives are splashed all over the internet and it’s been a cause for many to generate quite the income! But how do those people manage to get thousands of likes, comments shares? Why are people so invested in those particular stories, from those particular people?

1. Relevancy

Society is constantly changing, which means that many users are needing to continuously re-evaluate what makes them top someone’s “follow” list. Since the answer will be different from week to week, the virtual burden of relevancy falls on the shoulders of the Instagram user looking for that increase in attention on their page. An easy way to see what followers are interested in would be to search the top posts on this platform. In doing so you’ll be able to visualize the why and the how of what’s causing that increase in interaction, and getting those profiles more Instagram comments. It’s also important to note that originality plays a significant role in how many people will choose to follow you.

2. Hashtags

This is one of the most crucial pieces of the Instagram puzzle as it is how followers find you. If you happen to be a photographer and don’t use any hashtags whatsoever, no one will ever know how incredible you are. When people look for new pages to follow, they type in “pictures”, “flowers” or “photographs” in the search bar, and whoever has used those hashtags will immediately pop up. It’s also important to place those hashtags in a comment on the photo, as opposed to underneath. Instagram users don’t always appreciate how “cluttered” a description can look with all of those hashtags underneath it, so placing it in a comment is the best way to go. Why? Because the amount of hashtags is also extremely important. Instagram allows for 27 hashtags in a post/comment, so it is recommended to use up every ounce of space you can in this regard. It may seem like a lot, but it is the best way to get noticed. And a little research can easily help you come up with a few basic hashtags that people search on a regular basis. Even if the tag doesn’t match what you are posting about; for example, someone may post a picture of a field of flowers, and add a #family to the comment. Why? Because family can be one of the top searched hashtags at any given time, so those looking for family life may also want to follow your page as well!


3. Aesthetics

This is one of the most simple tips but can be the hardest to achieve. When someone clicks on your profile, they want to see a cornucopia of eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing photographs. Regardless of what the content is, it needs to draw everyone’s eye to it and make them want to see more. Step one, cut out the crap. Essentially, get rid of anything that doesn’t pertain the focus of the photo. When in doubt, throw a soft filter on it to create a gentle glow. This is one that can obviously be overdone, so be sure that it isn’t too over the top.


4. Bio

This is also key to ensuring people will want to follow you. Throwing a few hashtags in your profile bio, along with some emoji’s, can really draw a new follower in. It’s basically a snapshot of who you are, and what your page is all about. Additionally, linking other social media profiles or a business website to your Instagram page will further increase those followers on all forms of social media.


5. Stories

Again, a simple fix but one that needs to be continuously updated throughout the day. If you are looking to draw more people to your page, create an Instagram story introducing yourself and what you’re all about. This could be a short live video (again, lighting and personal appearance are of utmost importance), or you could simply take a few photos with a short description splashed across it. Whatever you choose, by re-introducing yourself, your page will get a bit of a boost thus causing more people to see and potentially follow you. If you continue to post to your story, this will also keep you at the top of people’s Instagram feeds, even if they aren’t following you already. So make sure there’s enough content to pepper your page and your “storyboard” with!


Social media can be one of those really tricky things to navigate, but it can also be a really fun way to interact with new people, generate more business, and even become one of the few who have gone viral. Whatever you are hoping to achieve, if you start implementing the above options, your page will take off in no time.

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