Tips to Help You Create Successful Branded Content

In the Digital Age, the ability to build and increase your brand awareness represents half the success of your business undertaking. And it’s a rare business owner who isn’t aware of the benefits quality content can bring your brand. What lots of beginner entrepreneurs aren’t aware of, though, is where to start to devise a successful content marketing strategy. If you’re also looking to increase your brand visibility and boost your overall business productivity, check out some simple tips below.

  • As a bonus, you’ll learn how to create video content for your content distribution channels and what tools to use for this purpose.

Research Your Audience

Though it may sound like no-brainer advice, you should take a closer look at those people who, you think, might become your customers.

First things first, clearly identify your target audience. Ideally, you should put out feelers to get to know your demographic better. Are you planning on targeting college students, middle age college-educated women, retirees, or all of these categories? Can they become your loyal customers in the long run? It’s up to you to find out for sure.

Once you understand what category of customers is more likely to take an interest in your brand, you can get down to tailoring your content to it. Say, if you’re catering for weddings and corporate events, you want to create content that appeals to engaged couples and businesses.

It also would be wise to research your audience’s online habits. Once you learn where your prospects tend to spend most of their online time, you’ll learn more about content that they tend to consume.

You can also look into the types of content your audience prefers. If you notice that they seem more eager to interact with videos, consider putting video at the forefront of brand awareness strategy. And here, you’ll need to learn more about how to create a video to successfully target your potential customers. But we’ll discuss this in detail a little bit later.

Create a Cohesive Brand Content Strategy

Once you’ve researched your target audience, got a comprehensive understanding of their digital habits, content preferences, and come up with a set of tentative tools wherewith to target them, you can go ahead and create a solid content strategy.

You would be well-advised to start off with your brand story. As you know, real customers like real-life stories where people relate about their endeavors, flops, fails, and success. Also, when telling your brand story, mention your company’s core values and principles. Thus, you’ll convince your potential customers of your reliability and show your eagerness to cater to their needs.

Next, you want to decide on the content types you’ll be better off using. Some of the most effective and widely used include:

  • Blog posts. Not only are brand blogs a source of valuable and engaging content for your readers, but also a great tool for converting visitors into loyal customers. If you post informative articles regularly, you can develop an authoritative voice in your industry and get your customers to trust you.
  • Videos. It’s not a secret that nowadays, a vast majority of Internet users are attracted by visual content. So, why not use videos as part of your marketing strategy. You can make a video where you’re telling your customers about different categories of products you’re offering, how to spot a counterfeit, etc. To get the most out of your marketing videos, consider using dedicated video editing software. At Movavi and Lumen 5 official websites, you can find the best tools that can help you create videos and edit them the way you see fit. For more inspiration, check out Canva. This platform is famed for its wealth of tools allowing you to quickly edit photos and videos, customize templates, make a GIF, and create tons of engaging content.
  • Website. Your company website is the first place your customers will want to visit to learn more about your brand. This is where you can showcase your business ethos and tell more about your company culture and its significance. On your corporate site, you can share not only information pertinent to the scope of your business activities but also useful articles, infographics, links to your webinars, video guides, etc. Again, to create visually appealing content, avail yourself of the multimedia software and online editing tools we’ve mentioned earlier.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

The success of your branded content marketing strategy is largely contingent on your ability to harness the power of social media. In order to be competitive and survive in today’s circumstances, your brand has to constantly adapt and keep abreast of social media trends. What’s more, you should be well aware of how users might respond to your content and what can make them more actively engage with what you post on social media.

Statistical data suggest that only 10% of the most-shared Facebook posts are product-related. And the situation on Instagram is no different. This means that social media users are more likely to respond to and engage with the non-sales content. With this in mind, you want to tweak your content marketing strategy so that it becomes customer-oriented.

Thus, instead of making content about the services and products your company offers, try to show your audience that you understand and can relate to them. For instance, instead of praising kids’ sportswear and athletic clothing you sell, craft a post intended for parents. Discuss the dos and don’ts of parents raising young athletes and share tips that will help sports kids develop their daily routine.

Last but not least, remember that it’s not only effective branded content and marketing strategy that define your business’s success. You should constantly look for inspiration and find it when communicating with your customers, reading your competitors’ posts, preparing product propositions, putting together a product demo video, and much more. Only those brands that truly care for their customers and invest where their heart is can create great content to target their potential customers with.



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