Top 22 Sites That Offer Downloadable Free Psds

PSDs are a great way to complete your designs easily.

Although you can get them with certain rates, there are free PSDs that you can download. They’re great resources to learn about creating graphics using <a href="Photoshop because you can see the method being used to create the graphic.

There are a good number of websites out there that offer free high-quality PSDs. Most files are extremely useful not just for graphic artists but also for webmasters or bloggers, who need to complete their work fast or don’t have the expertise in this field.

But, sometimes, free isn’t always a good thing. Then again, there are a few exceptions to it. The sites included in this list made the cut because they provide their visitors with high-quality PSDs.

You may use this list if you don’t have the extra time to finish your project or if you need some inspiration for your projects. There’s really nothing wrong with getting a little help from other graphic artists like you.



This site allows you download a free PSD each day. It’s a premier source where you can find free website templates, UI kits, and so on. It has clean URL that lets you browse the site with ease.



It offers a wide array of free PSD files, graphics, templates, business cards and backgrounds. You can also find here PSD flyers and other Photoshop resources.


Design Instruct doesn’t only give you free PSDs but it also provides tutorials for Photoshop, Illustrator, and graphic design.



Its free PSDs are of high resolution. It’s a great source that you can go to each time you have web or graphic design project.


It’s where you can virtually “meet and greet” graphic artists from all skill levels. In here, you can share your own PSDs or download some of them. Each item has its own rating so you’ll know if it’s worth downloading.


You’ll need to register an account to download as many PSDs as you need. If there’s something you want to share, then you can upload your own PSDs here. Each item provided on this site is free.


It has numerous collections of free PSDs – templates, icons, images, and the like. This is one of the best sites that offer premium quality files as well.


It’s not only a great source of free PSDs but it’s also an elite tutorial site where you can learn more about graphic designing.



It’s a “show and tell” website for graphic designers. It allows designers to share their work and projects. Then, it lets you download the designers’ PSDs that you can use for your own graphic designing work.


It’s a site where you can discover some of the best PSDs and download them for free. It also allows you to share your own PSDs, textures, fonts and other graphic design projects.


It has the biggest collection of PSDs online. All files that you can download are created by its members. You, too, can share your own by becoming a member for free.



It’s a useful design resource that holds more than 25 million graphics that you can share and download. Its files contain full vector shapes layers so you can easily edit them.


It’s another useful site where you can download free PSDs. It has a voting system that allows you to know which file is highly rated.



It’s not just a site for free PSDs but it’s also a site where you can find great graphics for your web designing projects. Each file is created by Orman Clark.


It offers premium quality PSDs for free. It’s a web design resource that you can use each time you need one. There’s no membership or hidden fees involved.


Whether you need a website template or icon sets, this site has something to offer you free of charge.



The creators of this site offer free and premium PSDs that you can download. You’ll need to register to receive freebies, i.e. free PSDs and other design resources.


It hosts a great number of PSDs and some wallpapers for your graphic needs. It also offers tutorials.



It’s the best place where you can download free PSDs and resizable vector freebies. Do you need a calendar with minimalistic design? You can find it here.


This site offers free PSD files in good quality. From sidebar contact form to light knob design, this site can offer unique designs for your project.


Its latest collection is the mini icon sets. This site isn’t all about downloading free PSDs. In here, you can explore the many different designing techniques that other web designers are using.


You may use this website to save time on your design-related projects. It has plenty of free PSDs that are ready to be downloaded.

All of these sites offer PSDs for free. They all have solid and clean design. The packages’ restrictions will depend on the creator. So, make sure that you know them before you use one of the sites’ collections.

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