Top 6 Alternatives to MailChimp

Email marketing has become a staple form of effective digital marketing trends. While email marketing is one of the most convenient forms of marketing for small businesses and potential customers as email is often the preferred method of promotional communications for the vast majority of customers, it is also significantly affordable for small businesses and startups. However, there are several email marketing platforms available, which means that settling on the most suitable one for your business may be somewhat tedious. As discussed here, MailChimp may be a top option for business, although it is not the most appropriate choice for businesses that aren’t using several marketing channels. Luckily, these top 5 alternatives to MailChimp are perfect candidate solutions to consider.

#1 EngageBay

EngageBay is an integrated marketing, sales and service CRM built for startups and small businesses to afford a comprehensive, all-in-one suite.

It is well known exactly how expensive MailChimp can be for these businesses and how limited their options otherwise are. They either have to pay for several tools and apps to fill in the gaps or go without certain features they need. EngageBay addresses the gap.

EngageBay is feature-rich and affordable at the same time. It has almost everything you need from an integrated automation platform.

See how it is a great MailChimp alternative.

#2 SendX

SendX may be a rather new email marketing service, although this is one of the notable reasons the tool caters perfectly to small businesses and startups. This email marketing tool has been created to incorporate technology, human connection, and marketing into one convenient and accessible service. SendX can be set apart from MailChimp as a marketing vessel that takes pride in customer support. You will be able to take advantage of a 14 day free trial period to best assess the platform and determine whether or not it really is the most suitable for your business.

#3 Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is ideal for businesses hoping to create design-focused email campaigns that will be engaging for potential customers. The platform hosts a series of useful tools and the platform is also generally user-friendly which means accessibility and ease of use are optimized for businesses. The added features and functions on Campaign Monitor suggest that it really is a top option when looking for a more functional alternative to MailChimp.

#4 ActiveCampaign

This top-rated email marketing platform is most suitable for businesses after a platform that will offer the most functions and features at an impressively affordable price. The platform provides quality customer support and most necessary functions, although, it is significantly less user-friendly in comparison to alternatives on the market.

#5 AWeber

AWeber is a marketing platform that provides users with the ultimate choice. Here you will be able to find roughly 700 templates for newsletters on the user-friendly space and they also boast high deliverability rates. You will be able to pay one fixed price to gain access to all the features offered by AWeber, which is also a notably pleasing aspect.

#6 ConvertKit

ConvertKit is significantly more focused on text-based email creation, which means it won’t be every business’s first option. Although, the platform does simplify tracking, which means you will be able to view metrics with a lot more ease in comparison to MailChimp. The platform is incredibly user-friendly and offers great designs for email marketing campaigns.

Determining The Most Appropriate Platform

It would be best to opt for a platform that offers a free trial as this will allow you to assess what the space has to offer your business in terms of features, functions, affordability, and accessibility. As each email marketing platform will offer varying additional extras, it would be best to determine which platform offers the most features that are suited to your email campaign needs and preferences.

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