Top 7 E-commerce Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2023

Maybe Covid-19 initiated the era of online shopping, but it has never been better. 

Looking for a new outfit for some cocktail party event? 

With just a few clicks, you got yourself some new sparkly shoes also. 

According to data research by Statista, e-commerce sales reached $5,1t trillion in 2021. So, like it or not, e-commerce is the future. If you really want to stand out from your competitors, now it’s time to make 2023 shine. 

Expect success only in times when you put in work and effort. 


  1. Personalized customer experience 

Believe it or not, the shopping experience takes a huge part in customer satisfaction. And if you want to attract new ones, and maintain the old customers, you might need a little touch of creativity, data collection, and Ai. 

And there you have it. With the different preferences customers have, you can make personalized suggestions and offers through email, phone, or social media platforms. It’s more likely they’ll want the new offers related to their previous purchases. By using these tactics, you will definitely boost your sales and will have a special impact on your whole business. 

To smooth user experience you can also play with the features a little bit. Meaning you can add a “buy now, pay later” button and make sure to always include the mobile version alongside the desktop version of your online store.

More and more people are making purchases from their phones because it’s more convenient for them. Imagine the disappointment when they realize you aren’t offering them a platform on their phones. 

Happy customers should be your number one priority. 

Artificial intelligence and the benefits you can get from it

Ai is becoming very popular lately and there’s a reason why. You may ask yourself what’s the deal with Ai. Well, to put it this way, Ai collects your shoppers’ personal data. When there are repetitive behaviors, the system learns the pattern of each customer;what they like and prefer, the way they shop, etc. 

By using Ai  you can offer your customers personalized experiences like the ones we mentioned earlier. Ai will show your customers personalized products they might like, or an upcoming event they might be interested in.  

Ecommerce platform for the manufacturing industry 

If you’re new in e-commerce, and you have lines of manufacturing products, it’s best to choose the right platform for it. You need an e-commerce platform for the manufacturing industry you are trying to draw attention to. Try creating a catalog of all the products and services you are offering to your customers This way you can boost traffic on your platform and enhance the overall sales.

  1. Different payment options

When you want to succeed globally, you need to attract customers from all around the world. And that is only possible when you offer different payment methods so people can use the most adequate one. So now while people shop from your store, they can make quick payments without going to another online store that includes their preferred way of payment method. 

Even though cryptocurrency has been quite the popular payment method many people from across the whole world are choosing to buy goods for exchange with Bitcoin. People choose the option that it’s convenient for them. That’s why you need to make sure you are listing every option possible so they can never go to another store and purchase from them. 


  1. Social media marketing 

Social media is part of each and every one of us. We daily scroll through Tiktok or check Facebook messages, or post bikini photos on Instagram. But now, there are many shop features promoted on these platforms. And now while you’re using your favorite social media app, you can do some quick shopping. 

By creating social media ads, you can attract more and more people to take an interest and part in what you are offering them. You can begin by creating a tik tok account and start by doing short videos on the things you are trying to sell. 

Gen Z customers will love the idea of having their favorite product shipped to them from an online store. And you know what the best part about social media marketing is? 

Being able to buy your favorite goods without ever leaving the platform. 

You can easily build long-lasting relationships with your customers without ever making physical interactions with them. So, on a global plan, you can offer shipping worldwide.

With a total user base of 4.20 billion active social media users, you’re about to attract a bigger audience who are out there ready to try your products. By using social media you’re also increasing the awareness about your brand. While the popularity grows your brand flows with new customers. 

Remember to take advantage of the opportunities around you. They’re there for a reason. 

  1. Metaverse, ar & vr 

The golden trio has become very popular over time. You’ll understand why. Ar is responsible for making your shopping experience more vivid, meaning that with just a few clicks you can see the full 3D versions of the clothes you’d like to purchase. 

This will allow you to form an opinion about a product or a service, which will minimize the situations where the buyers return the purchased items. Vr or virtual reality is, in fact, the environment with real-life experiences. With Vr headsets, you can easily navigate and interact with items that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

 So it actually gives you the taste of you being in the store physically while also being somewhere else too. The metaverse on the other side is the place where other objects, avatars, and people exist in one space virtually. By exploring 3D environments you can communicate with other shoppers just like you. So you can be present at virtual events and stores, without ever leaving your home. 

  1. Sustainability 

The upcoming generations seem to be more into sustainable and ethical practices. And who can blame them? We have to save our planet and we have to do it quickly, while also responding to the wishes of our customers who would want to buy goods that don’t have any negative impact on the environment. 

You can fact-check and see whether your online store offers goods that are in the range of ethical supply chains. The more eco-friendly your business is, the better. You can now use the opportunity of fulfilling the wishes of those who love nature and want to keep it intact from the pollution we make every day. 

People value those who act and not just talk. They will likely spend more money on a brand they appreciate and feel connected to. The size of the packaging adds to the decision a customer has to make and whether they’ll make a purchase or not. 

  1. Mobile shopping 

We use our phones for everything, so why not use them for fast online shopping that will leave us absolutely satisfied and happy?  There are many trending ecommerce features and you should always explore them because they will help you to learn about the new and different ways to make your store relevant and right on track. 

Online shopping can be easily done through your phone. But that’s not all. You can easily explore other brands, talk with sales representatives, engage with online stores, and more. So if you want to stay relevant, make sure you give the option of mobile shopping to your customers. 


  1. Voice search options 

In 2023 many people will finish their daily tasks by using technologies with voice recognition. Whether it’s by selecting music or ordering an item online, customers have the freedom to explore and choose the right product for them. 

Through many surveys that were done, it was concluded that more people will start to adapt to the voice search option and use it in the near future. So you can optimize voice search by simply using traditional engine optimization and semantic strategy. 

Make your online store glow this 2023 

Watch out for the new trends that are flowing like a river this year. You can never be certain that your place on the market can’t be given to somebody else. Try and use our strategies that will boost your sales and draw new customers.

 The journey of the customer is the most important thing when it comes to online shopping. Make sure you’re contributing to it. Trends move quickly, make sure you always keep up with them. 

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