9 alternative tools to google analytics

The main goal of a marketer is to determine what’s driving sales or traffic to your website. Are you getting the most of your marketing methods to optimize the search engines? With Google Analytics, you won’t only know the number of leads you’re getting but you’ll also find out how much traffic your site is getting and from where.

Although this tool is free, it can provide you comprehensive insight about your site. Through the data it provides, you’ll be able to know how your customers access your site and how they interact with each page. It’s easy to sign up so you can start monitoring your site’s progress.

But not all users of this tool are happy with it. By using it, Google has access to every detail on your account. It may not be a problem to some people but to others who value their privacy? They stay away from this tool to keep their data as private as possible.

Another thing this tool is disliked by some marketers is its comprehensive way of providing details about their sites. For them, it’s overkill.

In this post, you’ll find the best tools that you can use to analyze the traffic of your site. If you’re not satisfied for whatever reason you may have, then there are other options that you can grab.

1. Clicky.com

Unlike Analytics, Clicky provides real-time information about the traffic of your site. It has a variety of stats that you can easily customize according to a specified date. Plus, it has a link report that you can view to find out which external websites are providing you traffic.

2. Mixpanel.com

This is another great replacement for Google’s tracking tool. It has actions metric that allows you to measure your visitor actions, such as downloads and video views. It also offers a list of incoming search keywords being used by users to visit your site. Plus, it shows you which keywords are the most widely used that brought traffic to your page.

3. Foxmetrics.com

Its tracking tool is as good (even better) than Analytics. It’s easy to install. And if you’re using WordPress, you can install it as a simple plugin. It has interesting feature that allows you to personalize your site according to your user’s behavior while visiting your page. Its free package can cover around 25,000 events. If you want more, then you can go with its premium package that starts at $10 per month.

4. Gosquared.com

It gives you user engagement and actions before and after they purchase something from your site. With that information, you’re one step ahead of your users. The data it provides are in real-time. This means you don’t have to wait for the following day to know the trend that’s been happening to your site. Through that, you’ll know the strongest and weakest points within your page.

5. Kissmetrics.com

This tool allows you to make tracking more personal. In that way, you can easily view what your user is doing while visiting your page. With this tool, you don’t have to guess why some of your visitors are more valuable than other users as you can see individual behavior. Through the clear visualizations, you can easily determine how to convert your visitors into customers. Although this tool doesn’t have a free package, its $30/month subscription is worth your money.

6. Haveamint.com

Unlike Analytics, it doesn’t have a lot of features. Rather, it only provides tools that are most relevant to your site. Its standard view has data about the number of total and unique visitor count, the referring site and the most popular page of your site. You can customize it so you’ll know which referrers are the most popular. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have data for bounce rates. Instead, it shows you mainly the stats that are most important to you to improve your overall site. Its flat rate is very affordable that starts at $30 per website that you own.

7. Chartbeat.com

This tool focuses on real-time data with real-time analysis about your site. In other words, this is the type of tool that lives in the present. It has apps and email alert that can notify you in case of server crash or traffic spike. With its robust tool, this has been used by some of the most popular sites in the world, like Fox News, Time and Billboard.

8. Piwik.org

Its tools are almost similar to Google Analytics. It collects data that matter to you most. It can track basic stats, such as popular pages, traffic trends, searches and referrals. Its tools are quite impressive considering they’re free to use. And if you’re savvy with this type of tool, then you can easily customize it, which makes it more useful.

9. Reinvigorate.net

This tool has essential features useful for e-commerce sites. It’s a great tool that lets you measure your visitor engagement. It has real-time reporting system that you can use to know social trends, traffic spikes and other useful data. It has free version and premium package that starts at $10 a month.

So, from this list, which tool will you use next? The right answer will depend on the kind of data you want to track and the budget you want to put in each month. You can go with free alternative or you can pay for a premium package. Whatever option you choose, make sure that it allows you to better understand your site’s visitors.

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