10+ top icon fonts you can download for free

Icon fonts are indispensable tools in web design nowadays. As compared to traditional image icons, icon fonts have many advantages. Here are a few reasons why icon fonts are becoming more and more popular these days:

  • No need to incur a large payload of images.
  • Well-suited for doing responsive design
  • You can easily customize its color, size, hover state, and even apply cool CSS3 font styles such as text shadows

And here’s a list of 10+ of the best icon fonts that are absolutely free:


Flaticon offers an extensive collection of vector icons (8.9M+) and stickers, grouped into more than 200 thousand icon packs. Vector files are fully editable, so they can be used for personal and commercial projects. File formats available for download include SVG, EPS, PSD, CSS, iOS and Android applications as well as web fonts, if you prefer not to use static files. You can also customize any icon or sticker however you want. Additionally, all premium members have an extended download limit of 2,000 icons per day in multiple formats, making it super easy to create stunning interactive designs that will bring your user experience to the next level

For those who need content fast and who don’t mind spending a bit extra money on their subscription plan, Flaticon has got them covered. With full licensing rights included in premium membership plans you get access to a range of exclusive benefits including no ads on the MacOS app or website plus the ability to create unlimited collections with Adobe extensions for editing already existing ones. Furthermore, there are new icon packs added every single day so you’re sure never to be left wanting when it comes to finding just the right image for your project

2. Freepik Icons


Freepik Icons is your ultimate resource for over 10 million icons that cater to a wide range of projects, whether you’re working on a commercial website or a personal blog. Thanks to their incredible designs and styles, these icons are the ideal choice for any creative endeavor. Of course, they are available in both PNG and SVG formats, so they seamlessly integrate with various design software, ensuring a smooth workflow. What sets Freepik Icons apart is the constant addition of new icon packs, guaranteeing access to the latest trends and styles. In addition, each icon is meticulously crafted to deliver impeccable quality, elevating the visual appeal of your designs. Incorporating these versatile icons will undoubtedly lend a modern and professional touch to your web projects.

3. Iconic


Used in thousands of websites everyday, Iconic is more than just icons. Iconic are advanced icons for the modern web. With over 200 beautiful icons designed at three individual sizes, it comes in font, SVG, PNG, and WebP formats. It has a subset of icons referred to as Smart Icons which adjusts and responds to data. It allows to you to easily style and modify icons in a manner similar to how you adjust HTML through its well-structure semantic SVG. It includes a full toolkit for modification, customization, and production. Through its Responsive Iconography, you can show the right sized icon for the right screen size.

4. FoundIcons


FoundIcons are icon fonts that can help you in making websites. These are custom icon sets that are stored in a handy web font. In order to become more accessible, these icon fonts are coded. The new version of FoundIcons can be of any size, color, shape and style available in CSS. It includes general, general enclosed and accessibility sets.

5. IcoMoon


Offering more than just custom built and crisp icon fonts, IcoMoon is also an app that allows you to import your own icons to use as fonts. IcoMoon’s free version offers 450 icons handcrafted on a 16 x 16 grid. These icon fonts are available in PDF, PSD, EPS, Ai and SVG formats and are also optimized for icon font use. Moreover, its PNGS are available in 16px and 32px. You also get to have free updates from IcoMoon.

6. Social Media Icons Pack


Designed by Jelio Dimitrov, Social Media Icons Pack consists of 74 well- designed and easily adaptable social media icons combined within a single weight font. These social icon fonts are very convenient to use in web page design particularly in page layouts and themes. Additionally, you can use these icon fonts for adding customizable social media icons in your website. You can even use it for offline design or just any type of print. Each icon matches a specific key in your keyboard.

7. Font Awesome


Dubbed as the most popular icon font out in the market, Font Awesome is designed by a big community of designers. Created for Bootstrap, Font Awesome offer scalable vector icons that can be easily modified including its color, size, drop shadow, and just about anything you can do through CSS. In just one font, Font Awesome offers 369 icons. Other features include desktop friendly, retina display compatible, screen reader compatible, infinite scalability, css control, and does not require JavaScript. More importantly, it’s absolutely free even for commercial use.

8. MFG Labs Icon Set


This icon font set was inspired by Github team’s Octicons and Dave Gandy’s Font Awesome project. A friendly icon set ideal for internal project, MFG Labs Icon Set is easily embedabble on an application or a website using css and webfont. Since fonts are made with vectors, they are scalable and correctly render on mobile or retina screens. To avoid conflicts with existing characters, MFG Labs Icon Set utilizes Private Use Area Unicode. Lastly, the font directory is constantly updated for new icons.

9. Sosa


Designed by tenbytwenty team, Sosa offers 160 expertly handcrafted icon fonts that are very useful and completely free. Compared to most icon fonts, Sosa icon fonts look more realistic. When you download Sosa fonts, you also get access to the .tff, .svg, .woff, and .eot files.

10. Raphael Icon Fonts


Created by Dmitry Baranovskiy, Raphael Icon fonts feature common and unique icons converted to a Webfont. It does not need to be JavaScript-enabled and include them with pure CSS. Also, just like the original icons, these are released under MIT license.

11. Typicons


With over 220 wonderfully-crafted icon fonts to choose from, Typicons are free-to-use vector icons embedded in a webfront for easy use in your interfaces. Whether you want to use it on native or web application, these icon fonts include source files in SVG format and minified CSS. Other features include solid and outline styles, Github hosting of the source content, resolution independent, retina ready, and screen-reader-friendly webfront.

12. Rondo


A minimalistic social media icon font, Rondo’s logos are enclosed in a circle giving the icons a symmetrical look. Social media logos including the uncommon ones such as Stack Overflow, Devianart, and Apple are offered by Rondo. In addition, it is 100% font-faced and can be easily implement on every project.

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