4 top html compressors to improve your site’s speed

HTML compressors are very important tool when it comes to web design. However, most people would ignore this tool and suffer the consequences.

They weren’t able to take advantage of the benefits a HTML compressor offers.

First and foremost, an HTML compressor is very easy to use. You don’t need definitive skills to operate a compressor. Most of the time, all you need is to copy-paste your code.

Most of the HTML compressors out there are free, though some will ask for money if you want to avail of their additional services.

Another good thing about HTML compressor is that you will be able to simplify your code.

So if you’re going to share the codes to other people, the transition and communication is smoother and more effective. In addition to this, HTML compressor can decrease the file size of your codes.

This will result to faster loading and easy file sharing.

Compressing your HTML files help you save bandwidth and fasten your site, so you need to use them as much as possible.

However, with so many HTML compressors available on the web, it’ll be somehow difficult to go through all of them and determine which compressor will be the best choice.

In this post, I have listed four of the leading HTML compressors today. This list won’t just only make your search easier, but you’ll save more time, energy and resources.

The HTML compressor can exponentially improve the performance of your website. So check out our top 4 HTML compressors.

1. Text Fixer


This is basically a free service offered by Text Fixer. It can help you decrease your file size as Text Fixer can remove unnecessary line break, tab spaces, and line spaces.

The best thing about the tool is that you can easily compare the before and after appearances of your code. So if you don’t like how Text Fixer changed your code, you can easily discard the changes and stick with your original code.

2. HTML Compressor


This works almost the same with our previous website. HTML Compressor gives you additional options on how you want your HTML compressed.

You can indicate the code type which can either be HTML or XTML. It can also be basic HTML or XTML with the addition of PHP, SMARTY, and ASP. Another coding type available would be CSS and Javascript combined with PHP, SMARTY, and ASP.

Again you can just drag and drop your code or you can simply perform copy-paste command. The HTML compressor can present to you the proposed changes without actually affecting your original code. It can also display errors and messages from the compressor.

3. Tabifier


Next in our list is Tabifier. What makes this special is its simplistic approach in compressing HTML. Tabifier is highly user-friendly and you can easily compress your HTML with this website. The compressor can support HTML, CSS, and C style code.

4. Mini Web Tool


The HTML compressor offered by Mini Web Tool will help you delete unimportant line breaks, white spaces, and tabs. After compressing your code, the tool will show you how much savings you made after compressing your HTML.

These are our list of top 4 HTML Compressor. With this list, I am sure that you don’t have any excuse anymore whether you got the right compressor or not. Use these websites in order to maximize and optimize your HTML performance.

If you have comments and suggestions, please feel free to drop a message below. Share your thoughts and let us know!

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