5 top twitter plugin for wordpress

Online content that you have using WordPress won’t ever be sufficient and efficient enough these days without social icons on the bottom of each of them.

We knew WordPress for so long as the leading Content Management System (CMS) especially for bloggers, but with a lot of creative and persistent individuals out there who want to share their ideas and works, the platform just got a little more complex than ever.

Nevertheless, thankfully, we have good resources out there which can give a real boost to how our content gain proper audience.

Below listed are the top 5 most useful and attractive WordPress plugins with Twitter in mind. Twitter has been a good social network that even business-minded blog owners would surely not miss.

If you want to posit the same good attitude of sharing what you know, and even trying to know what’s going on with your Twitter account, then check out these few plug-ins that should drive more traffic to you.

1.Digg Digg


Perhaps the most comprehensive and one of the most used social plugin for WordPress, Digg Digg is acquired and is currently under BufferApp since 2011. This plugin includes the most common and popular networks such as Facebook and Twitter, allowing visitors to easily like, share, and interact with the content they like or dislike. Better than this, being completely free, you are also enabled to control some various options like its orientation and position on your content, and with the Buffer app integrated on this floating bar, you’d surely not miss more audience without spending too much time and money.

2.Twitter Buttons


Being the most generic Twitter plugin offered for different platforms but especially to WordPress, these buttons are absolutely free as offered officially by Twitter itself. You get to choose from the four buttons that you want to use—share a link, follow, hashtag, and mention—and Twitter gives you a form to fill out for use. I especially recommend the Follow button as it will make your followers in Twitter a lot easier to grow without stepping from page to page.

3.Twitter Connect


Getting tired of filling out forms for logging in and out of platforms is a real turn-off, but unless you have this plugin for your blog, you can never get that much audience in the fastest of time. The Twitter Connect offers your visitors a chance to log in byconnecting their Twitter accounts—and even Facebook and Google accounts—directly to your site. Moreover, the new social connect button generator gives you an extra ounce of customizing the plugin, and being totally free, you won’t really get that much disturbance with your bills.

4.Twitter Tools


Twitter Tools works as a direct bridge between your WordPress account and your Twitter account without switching windows or open tabs. Being seamlessly integrated right on your admin interface or control panel, you get to choose and manage a lot of options from simply archiving tweets to browsing tweets based on filters (hashtags, mentions, etc.), and a lot more. On top of these, you can also do all these from several Twitter accounts, each with its own separate settings.

5.Sublime Tweets


Though you get to pay an amount of $12 for this plugin, I’d say what you pay is what you really deserve. Sublime Tweets offers a real lot of features including auto-updates, highly responsive ,cached calls, fully compatible with Twitter display guidelines, infinite colors and instances, 6 shortcodes, widget support, and a lot more! Followers can be presented on your page with their live profile images, and real-time tweets can also stream on one part of your page. Lastly, to better let others know who you are, a user box information is also offered as a part of this plug-in.

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