Tumblr: How To Keep Your Tumblr Blog From Showing Up On Search Engines

Every person has a different personality. Some would prefer to share everything with their loved ones, while others would want to keep it to themselves.

Other people choose to keep the things they have shared with their friends and colleagues hidden from their family because of the conflicts that may occur.

Tumblr has the option to hide your blog whenever someone searches it up on Google, Yahoo!, or other search engines.

Once you use this setting, the username and the blogs connected to it will not appear on the search engine’s results, so that the personal things you blog about will remain hidden fromyour friends and family.

To hide your Tumblr blog from search engine follow these steps.

How To Hide Your Tumblr From Search Engine

  1. Open the Tumblr website and log in to your account.
  2. On the homepage just aligned with the Tumblr logo, you will find the ‘Settings’ option which is symbolized by a gear. Click on it.
  3. Go to the last option of the list, which can be seen on the left side of the page. The option will show your Tumblr display picture/ avatar.
  4. As you select your Tumblr avatar, scroll down to the last part of the list and find the option ‘Directory’.
  5. In Directory settings, uncheck the box present before the option ‘Allow search engines to index your blog’.
  6. After doing that, click the ‘Save’ button present on the right-end corner of the page.

When you save this setting, your Tumblr blog will not appear in the results of any search engine and you can enjoy your Tumblr life carefree – unless one knows your Tumblr username/ URL. But whenever you want to increase your blog audience and have things to share that are beneficial to the world or people around you, you can go to Settings again and reverse the steps so that your blog can easily be seen and read by the people.

Other things you need to know:

  1. Mostly, we encounter some issues that could be personal and we feel even better when we share them online as compared with the people who are physically present with us – because you may find a lot people with the same problem or interest with you online. It is human nature to find someone who can easily understand the issues or problems we are going through.

Tumblr gives everyone a chance to share what is in his or her mind to the world. People express themselves through blogs while others people can comment and ask questions. Many people want the world to know that they are present on Tumblr, while others don’t even want to get found through the Search engines. They want to remain hidden and keep the internet social life separate from the real world. Whatever their reason is – from a confession, a problem, or a surprise – hiding their posts from search engines would be a big help.

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