Tumblr: How To Let People Submit Posts

Originally, Tumblr did not give its users the option to let their followers submit posts to their blogs; but when the feature was unveiled, it turned out to be highly popular.

It improved Tumblr’s popularity and usage since more people submit posts, pictures, and videos. Initially, this feature was only available to pro users but as time went on, Tumblr gave access to all members.

With the rise of Tumblr came the creation of new kinds of Tumblr blogs – including the creation of fan sites for TV, movies, music, and personal blogs.

This is one of the reasons why Tumblr allowed people to submit posts to your blog. The owner has the power on whether to approve or reject the submitted content, so they can ensure the quality control of their page.

Fortunately, the process is simple – allowing users to quickly enable this feature on their Tumblr pages.

How to Let Users Submit to Your Tumblr

  1. Go to the Tumblr website and log in to your account.
  2. Once you are logged in, go to the ‘Settings’ menu.
  3. Now, find and click the ‘Customize’ option.
  4. In there, find the ‘Community Tag’. Search until you find the ‘Allow People to Submit’ option and put a check mark.

Now that you have enabled the option, people who visit your Tumblr blog will have the ability to submit posts on your page. However, if you don’t want this option because you constantly have to check what people submit to you, then you can just allow people to comment on your posts.

There is no commenting option on Tumblr, so you would have to setup a Disquis account using http://http://disqus.com/.

  1. Sign up for the service by entering your Tumblr URL and the name of your blog. Now, you can use Disquis’ alternative features.
  2. Go back to your Tumblr page and go to the ‘Appearance’ menu in the ‘Customize’ area.
  3. Enter in your Disquis short name and save it.

At the bottom of your Tumblr blog, you will see that Tumblr users can now comment on your posts. No matter what method you choose, allowing users to comment or to submit their posts on your Tumblr account increases interactions and of course, your viewer’s loyalty.

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