Tumblr: How To Publish User-submitted Posts

First, you must enable the Submit Feature

  1. Log in to your Tumblr Account and go to the ‘Settings’ menu.
  2. Look for the ‘Customize’ option and search for the ‘Community’ tag.
  3. Finally, check the ‘Allow People to Submit’ option.

Now that the Submit Feature has been created, you should see an extra page on your Tumblr. This page will have a posting box that will allow the public to choose the type of post they are making, and then they have to fill in the need information. If they have a Tumblr account, their user info will be automatically synced. If they don’t, then they have to type in their name and email address.

Now, it’s time to publish the posts

  1. When a post is submitted to your Tumblr, you will ‘receive an email’ on your Inbox. Open your inbox to view the submitted post.
  2. You can choose to publish the post immediately, reject the post, ignore both the post and the user, and edit the submitted post before publishing.
    1. There are limitations to the Submit feature however. Tumblr won’t allow you to accept audio posts, and photo posts are limited to just one picture. So unfortunately, the submitter won’t be able to send a photoset on your blog.

Tumblr is giving the users an opportunity to create a real interactive online community. Even if one person is in control of the content, users from around the world can come together and submit material to help the blog grow. That really does take pressure off the blog creator, especially if they can’t create original content every day. Having a supportive blog audience can help spread the blog’s fame and help it stand out from the thousands of blogs that exist.

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