Turning Facebook Notification Sound On Or Off

It has been heard for some time now that Facebook has its own ‘boring’ version of notifying you through a faint beep. That beep is actually effective enough to let you know if somebody replied to your messages or posts especially when you are surfing from another tab on your browser. It can also be effective to let you know if that one whom you are talking about some serious matters with, has replied to you while you’re a few seconds or minutes away from your computer. While the notification sound can be effective to many, still some—maybe including you—may still want that beep off.

Luckily, there’s but a very easy way to turn the notification sound on or off permanently.

How to turn off facebook sound notification:

  1. At any page where you are on your Facebook account, go to the ‘gear’ icon found on the top right of your page. Clicking it will show you a list of options.
  2. GearIconFB

  3. Select Account Settings. It should lead you to another page.
  4. AccountSetFB

  5. Find the Notifications tab on the left panel of the page. Clicking it will lead you to specific options for checking how your personal notifications work and behave.
  6. NotificationFB

  7. On the category How You Get Notifications, click the View link found on the far right of the item On Facebook. Another simpler way of doing it is to simple click on the row itself.
  8. HowToGetFB

  9. There’s but only one space there for putting a check mark if you would see. Uncheck the Play a sound when each new notification is received.
  10. Click the button Save Changes and you’re done.
  11. HowToGetNotFB

Note: if you currently have Facebook of the same account opened on another tab or on a set of tabs, you might want to refresh those tabs for the change to take effect.

Remember, though, that these kinds of settings only apply to Facebook and all its associated environment on your computer. If you still happen to receive notification sounds even if it has been set to off already, you may want to check how your own computer behaves with online notifications. Some apps or plug-ins especially on your browser may have its own settings.

The same exceptions run also on apps used on Android and iOS devices along with other compatible systems and devices. Several apps such as a ‘mail checker’ or an instant messaging app may have its own unique settings outside of Facebook itself.

If you happen to encounter beeps inside Facebook despite all related settings already handled, you may want to ask help from Facebook itself or from your system administrator.

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