17 twitter accounts a web designer must follow

Twitter is an amazing social media tool that grows like wildfire. This micro-blogging platform has changed the way people connect with other individuals in various ways. Some of these people were skeptical about joining this medium at first. But because of its several benefits, they stick to it and use it to promote their brands, products, etc.

It might seem like a waste of time. But as soon as you start using it, you’ll begin to realize its potential. For one, it can become a research tool. It offers you a way to tap into a community of people around the world. Then, it makes you smarter just by connecting with people who know and have experienced a lot of things in life.

And if you’re a web designer, you could use the Twitter community and follow some of the most popular creative web designers from across the globe. By following them, you can see what’s trending in this field at any point in time.

To help you get better in designing, here’s a list of accounts that you should be following. They’re the most interesting designers you’ll surely enjoy following.

1. Dainis Graveris (@1stwebdesigner)


He’s the owner of www.1stwebdesigner.com. He tweets about the latest trend in web designing and tips that can help you succeed as a freelance designer. He’ll be your guide to become a popular and successful web designer.

2. Liam McKay (@liammckay)


Liam has covered different fields of web designing. He’s one of the designers of Dribble.com and Creativemarket.com. By following this amazingly talented person, you’ll be able to find new ideas about web designing and how to improve your craft.

3. Jeffrey Zeldman (@zeldman)


Jeffrey is a founder and chairman of Happy Cog. It’s a high-end design studio that has different offices located in Philadelphia, Austin and New York. He’s also one of the contributors of A List Apart Magazine and co-wrote one of the most popular and useful web-design books called “Designing with Web Standards.”

4. Veronica Domeier (@ronicadesign)


She may not have millions of follower but she can offer you some tips and pieces of advice about web designing. She’s the founder of Fresh&Daily and has been designing for Dribbles. By following her on Twitter, you’ll be able to know and meet other web designers.

5. Chris Spooner (@chrisspooner)


Chris is a creative designer and a blogger. He’s the man behind a highly-trafficked site on the web the offers tips and tutorials. On his Twitter account, he’ll give you updates about the latest tutorial he has posted on his several sites.

6. Erik Spiekermann (@espiekermann)


According to him, he’s been suffering from “Typomania.” It’s an incurable sickness but it turned out not to be lethal. He’s not only a designer but he’s also a typographer who lives and breathes typography.

7. Mike Lane (@mlane)


He has been in this field for 20 years. Mike specializes in creating applications for both mobile and websites. If you want to learn more about HTML5 and CSS3, then he’s the guy to follow.

8. Jessica Walsh (@jessicawalsh)


Jessica isn’t only a web designer, but she’s also an art director and an illustrator who works in New York City. Having won several awards in this area, you should start following her Twitter account for some tips and tutorials that you can also implement to your own projects.

9. Calvin Lee (@mayhemstudios)


He’s the designer and brand strategist of Mayhem Studios. His works have been featured in Forbes, Huff Post, Mashable and Wired.

10. Milos Sutanovac (@mixn)


He’s a designer from Munich, Germany. He doesn’t only tweet about his web designing projects but he also tweets about his personal struggles as a web designer.

11. Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch (@holyokehirsch)


Maxwell is a designer who works in New York City. He loves creating images that could surely tickle your imagination. If you like stuff about peculiar illustrations or interesting techniques in web designing, then start following him on Twitter.

12. Grace Smith (@gracesmith)


She’s a designer of postscript.co.uk, a writer of gracesmith.co.uk, and a photographer of gracefulcapture.es. Grace tweets about her new projects and sharing useful links regarding web designing.

13. Luke Wroblewski (@lukew)


CEO and co-founder of Input Factory Inc, Luke is a top-rated speaker who loves talking about how to provide big value to your mobile interactions.

14. Brian Paulowicz (@bongobrian)


His works can be found at pauloworks.carbonmade.com. Brian explores the different worlds of web designing and development.

15. Jin Yang (@jzy)


He tweets about several things concerning web designing. Jin designs stuff to support his “bacon eating.”

16. WeGraphics (@wegraphics)


They’re a group of individuals who specializes in creating vectors, textures and brushes packs. They create some of the most inspiring designs you’ll ever come across.

17. Abduzeedo (@abduzeedo)


He’s the founder and creator of Abduzeedo. Fabio is a must-follow on Twitter if you want to learn more about high-end graphic designing.

The above-mentioned Twitter accounts won’t appeal to everyone. However, if you start following one or some of them, you’ll realize that there are other things in web designing that you haven’t explored yet. Simply put, they are the best people who can offer you tips and tutorials that are useful in your chosen career of web designing.

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