How To Add Twitter App On Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook and Twitter are currently the two social media juggernauts and together these two sites are accessed by more than a billion people worldwide.

Simply having an account on these two platforms can give you a potential access to a goldmine of quick and easy advertising options in the virtual world.

So make yourself, your product or service stand out in any market.

Using both Twitter and Facebook, you can reach out as many people as possible that are interested in what you have to sell without having to even step out of your office.

Here’s an example of a Twitter Tab you can install on your page:

Twitter Tab on Facebook Fan Page

Add a Twitter tab on your Facebook page

  1. Login to your account and search for ‘Tweet Feed for Pages’ (use your personal account to search for this app, not your Facebook page) or simply click here. Tweet Feed For Page
  2. Select the Facebook page(s) you want to add the Twitter app to, then click ‘Add Page Tab’. You can add this app on more than 1 page at a time.
  3. You will again be redirected to your installation page where you need to enter your Twitter username, then click Save Settings. Add Twitter To Your Facebook Page
  4. You’re all set! You should now be able to see a new tab called “Twitter” on your Facebook page.

Adding the Twitter tab to your Facebook Fan page will ensure all your tweets stream in quick time on your Facebook page so that your followers and clients don’t miss out on any of your updates. You can also easily share your Facebook updates to your Twitter account.

Whether it for brand promotion, estimating the customer’s response to your products or services or for that matter simply to ensure you are in the limelight, the spectacular Facebook-Twitter combination is sure to work wonders for turbo boosting your brand value if done correctly.

This is when you can take advantage for getting the best of both the social networking world.

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