22 Twitter Background Showcases To Boost Your Creativity

Twitter backgrounds add up to your social profile’s spice and attract your followers and fans. The more unique, professional and creative a design is, the more attractive it will look for others. Here is a list of creativity boosters to get your designing juices flowing.

List of Twitter Background Showcases to Boost your Creativity

Here are 22 cool, inspirational and high-quality Twitter background showcases:

1. @bongobrian


His background has a retro-vintage feel with vector arts in light shades of brown and blue.

2. @iniwoonet


The background is a digital artwork of a dark cityscape from an aerial view with superb details.

3. @showcasemark


The background is a bokeh texture with various colors, mostly in spectral (rainbow) arrangement, with their company logo.

4. @Go_Media


This company has a photo collage of their works and portfolio as a Twitter background.

5. @webprosys


The background is a bright sunny day of a fantasy town in vector form.

6. @tamar


She has a fully-detailed background of a pixel-art town filled with various famous brands like del.icio.us, digg and Amazon.

7. @marekuk


The background is a wood texture with soft vignette and some of the designer’s works on the top left.

8. @Krftd


The background is a vectorized splash paint design with halftone patterns.

9. @Pudny


His background is a unique Adobe software interface featuring a toolbox, rulers and other panels, with his picture (transparent background).

10. @ djambazov


The background is about books, history and archival material, with the user’s picture.

11. @ binojxavier


The background is a high-quality image design featuring a splash of water and some bits of graphical elements and the user’s information.



The background of Design You Trust’s Editor in Chief is filled with realistic ‘Wanted’ posters of himself.

13. @ stephenkelly


The design is filled with creative torn paper designs and other colorful design elements.

14. @ sallid


She has a cute and light background vector design of a girl with a music player and other flower and vine elements.

15. @ mmpow


This background has a marvelous digital artwork featuring an alchemist.

16. @ nickhanophy


This has a nice vacation-style background with the Twitter bird holding a postcard.

17. @ zenabobena


This background has a nice set of papers with pen handwriting about the user, with a twitter bird, with a black background.

18. @ oxygenna


This has a nice digital artwork of the designer’s character sand logo, in red and white color scheme.

19. @ accyroy


This background is of a systems engineer – it’s no surprise that it has a black-themed car dashboard on its background design.

20. @ noluckneeded


This Twitter account of a gambling news site has high-quality graphics related to gambling, cards, poker, etc. as a background design.

21. @ BeJust


This background is made of 50’s/60’s skyscrapers, buildings and elements, with that sepia color tone that will have you reminiscing the old times.

22. @ SmarterComics


This company that focuses on comic designs has, of course, a comic book design for its Twitter background, with speech bubbles and sample works.


Twitter accounts and their background designs uphold a user’s identity. If you need some inspirational designs, have a look at these cool ones we have shared for you.

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