How To Unban Someone On Your Facebook Page

Facebook page admins can ban users from their pages should they display abusive or inappropriate behavior in their pages. As a result, they can no longer leave comments, post something on your Timeline or share content of your page to other places in Facebook.

If you accidentally banned someone or want to give a banned user a second chance, Facebook allows you to reverse the action. Here’s an easy tutorial on how to unban someone on your Facebook page.

So, how do you unban a user from a Facebook page?

  1. Go to your Page’s Admin Panel.
  2. In the New Likes section, click See All to view the list of users who liked your page.
  3. From the People who liked this dropdown menu, choose Banned. This is located at the top-left portion of the page.
  4. Click Unban beside the name of the person.

Things you need to know:

  1. You can ban someone through your page’s admin panel, from a comment a user made in your status or from a post in your timeline.
  2. Click See all from New likes section in your Admin panel to view the list of banned people from your page. Under People who liked this dropdown menu, click Banned.
  3. You may also opt to block someone from your page instead of banning. This is recommended when you don’t want a user to follow your page’s posts.
  4. Once you ban someone via comments, you can undo the action immediately after banning them.

This feature is very useful for pages with multiple administrators. If a user posted something legitimate but a certain administrator was offended by the post, another admin can undo this action.

Moreover, the unbanning option is helpful for users with hacked accounts which were used for spreading spam. Once they recover their accounts, admins can unban these users. With the option to reverse banning, admins are given more flexibility as to how they handle page moderation.

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