Understanding the Application of Guerrilla Marketing in your Business or Brand

In war, love, and business, anything goes. To publicize a company and achieve its commercial objectives, it must implement advertising strategies. In fact, marketing is responsible for leading revenue growth in companies in 38.4% of cases, according to information compiled by Vital Design.

Currently, there are multiple marketing strategies for all types of companies, from micro and small businesses to large corporations. To know which is the best option for your company, you must know your target audience to focus all your efforts on it and not waste resources.

Implementing a marketing plan or specific marketing strategies in your company is a task that requires a monetary investment. We recommend you to know the best small business loans, access financing, and start immediate action to improve your business income through advertising.


What guerrilla marketing is and what it entails

The word guerrilla refers to independently organized combat groups. This type of marketing takes this name because guerrillas do not work conventionally, and their main strength is the element of surprise. The term was developed in the 80s by Conrad Levinson, and it refers to a way of conducting advertising to generate brand positioning through unconventional methods that generate astonishment or even shock.

One of the most relevant factors of this method for all entrepreneurs and marketing managers is that its cost is relatively low since it is based on the creativity and imagination of those who implement it.


How you can use guerrilla marketing to improve your business or brand

It is crucial to understand the target audience to use this marketing strategy. To implement it, identify the characteristics of your product that people like the most, to take them up in formats or places outside the conventional where you can maximize their impact. If you have a juice store, imagine what would happen if you put a free self-service fountain with your best product in the central part of a square, just for a few hours.

Some main types of guerrilla marketing that can help you

  • Outdoor Guerrilla Marketing: This refers to adding to external landscapes such as streets or parks, elements that refer to your brand. Placing works of art, statues, paintings, or other parts generates a surprising impact.
  • Indoor Guerilla Marketing: It is the same strategy used outdoors, but in this case, it refers to private places such as stores, universities, squares, subway stations, or stadiums, to mention a few.
  • Event Ambush Guerilla Marketing: Intervene sporting, social or commercial events in your community with your brand material; in most cases, this is done without permission of the organizers or sponsors.
  • Experiential Guerilla Marketing: It is the combination of all the previous ones, but with the primary objective that people interact with the brand, thanks to their reaction to the company’s intervention.

Tips for implementing guerrilla marketing into your business

Make it clever

Think outside the box, ads don’t necessarily need to be on top of buildings. If you develop it correctly, the ground, chairs, sidewalks, poles, and anything can be a good space for advertising.


Make it memorable

Using guerrilla marketing involves thinking outside the box. If people like the image of your product, imagine what would happen if you place a large-scale replica of your product in a public place, the response on social networks would be great. Doing this type of practice can be costly, get small business loans and get your offer to more people.


Make it interactive

People love free stuff, use your product samples to generate brand awareness. Go further, record their reactions when they receive it and use it, this can be an excellent material for social media.

The greatest resource in advertising is creativity, do not limit your imagination and unleash your talent. Companies like Coca-Cola, Burger King, and Fiji Water, among many others, have achieved great results with guerrilla marketing. Obtain capital through small business loans and reach your potential consumers in a different, alternative, and fun way.

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