Understanding the Marketing Performance Dashboard in Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a thriving email marketing platform that allows eCommerce entrepreneurs to deliver SMS containing their business data.

Due to its functionality, managing data and content is simplified to the most convenient automated process. Entrepreneurs can connect to different channels as a service for their customers under this marketing platform, Klaviyo.

Personalization is also featured by Klaviyo. You can deliver emails with personalized data smoothly and conveniently. Moreover, it can schedule all activities for your eCommerce, whether it be one-time promotions or reiterating newsletters with an automated process. 

This email marketing platform will help your eCommerce grow as you build loyalty and connection with your customers. This is the reason why most business brands utilize this platform and are often recommended to entrepreneurs.


Introducing The Klaviyo Dashboard

Klaviyo dashboard is a feature that helps eCommerce businessmen to monitor and track their business standing with the use of email information. With this, online entrepreneurs can gauge their performance with visualization and make necessary adjustments for further effective campaigns.

Using Klaviyo will enable you to track all the data pertaining to your emails such as the following;

  • The frequency of sent emails being opened by clients, customers, or other contacts
  • The number of times the sent emails are being clicked
  • The percentage of your contacts who opens your recently sent emails
  • The percentage of your contacts who clicks the links of your sent emails
  • Tracking of email bounces
  • The measure of performance and relevance of your email campaigns (newsletters, promotions, etc.)
  • Spammed emails
  • Campaign performance
  • Rates of subscription and unsubscription
  • Top email contacts or recipients

There are numerous metrics and measurements that can be tracked with Klaviyo. 


How Does Klaviyo Dashboard Work?

As you navigate Klaviyo, you will be able to see the following features in the dashboard:


The Objectives section provides and displays the list of ongoing tasks and formulated ideas that are essential for understanding the email-marketing platform, Klaviyo. It is similar to a guide and it will serve as a manual for when you are not sure of how and where to begin. These lists are customizable.

Image Source: Klaviyo



The Performance section of the Klaviyo dashboard provides an informative and detailed outline of how your marketing performances are developing over time. It aids you in suggesting strategies, tips to improve, business trends, and other aspects that will help in the growth of your eCommerce business.



The Analytics section provides the data that is in form of different customizable formats. It has the performance data of different metrics, including click-through rates, subscribes and unsubscribes email rates, and more informative and valuable metrics. 


Lists and Segments:

The Lists and Segments section is used to construct new lists of different valuable data. It can provide an overview of the performance of the existing lists of tasks as well.

Image Source: Klaviyo

Image Source: Klaviyo


Activity Feed:

The Activity Feed section is designed to provide users with an overview of timely updates. It gives the users insights into ongoing activities in your marketing channels that are easy to comprehend.

Image Source: Klaviyo

Image Source: Klaviyo


Marketing Performance Dashboard In Klaviyo

The marketing performance dashboard feature in Klaviyo provides eCommerce business people with a detailed and well-visualized overview of their performance track. It also covers the data of how your communication channels are performing, analysis of business trends, etc. 

According to the overview and gathered data by Klaviyo, it will enable entrepreneurs to have ideas about how they can improve and grow their business and analyze business data, and business strategies. All of these are provided by Klaviyo which will certainly help entrepreneurs in the long run. 


How To Navigate The Marketing Performance Dashboard

Entrepreneurs’ performance data are gathered and tracked according to time frames. They will be able to monitor their data as they filter the time frames. It covers the following time frames:

  • Today
  • The last seven days
  • The last 30 days
  • The last 90 days
  • Last Year
  • A specific month

After choosing the desired time frame, the email performance of the entrepreneur will be shown, and find different monitored performance data. It is further divided into categories, email, push, and SMS, to make users easier navigate the marketing performance dashboard.

The marketing performance feature in Klaviyo has three main sections: performance of all channels, flow performance, and campaign performance.


Performance Of Total Revenue

With the monetary value conversion metric, your total revenue for your eCommerce is further tracked by Klaviyo. All the data are based on the activity and transactions made in your account. This also includes data from conversions made in businessmen’s accounts.

Charts and graphs are provided to visualize and understand the revenue data easier.


Performance of Conversions

Under this section, the revenue earned from each email recipient or conversion is provided. Channels, email, push, SMS, etc., are managed and tracked under the conversion feature. They track the user’s marketing performance and conversions by analyzing the trends based on the recorded data.

Conversions performance handles all the user’s owned agencies and registered eCommerce. It also measures the number of customers, clients, and recipients who have performed a specific action in your Klaviyo sent campaigns, emails, etc. 


Performance of Recipient

The performance of the recipient section provides the revenue earned from each client, recipient, customer, etc., from sent emails. The numerical data represents the total conversion rate per email within a certain time frame.


Flow Activity Performance

The flow activity refers to the percentage of activities that have been generated by automated flow sending. Klaviyo provides an overview of this performance. Flow activities with active emails are recorded and further analyzed by this email marketing platform.


Campaign Activity Performance

In this section, eCommerce businessmen can see the percentage of activities that have come from campaigning. It displays the top most recent eight delivered campaigns from a specific time frame.

Remember that Klaviyo always shows all the different data, such as revenue, conversions, and marketing channels, under a selected time frame.

The marketing performance feature by Klaviyo is a very great aid for entrepreneurs and other users with growing online businesses. If utilized to the fullest, one’s business will surely flourish exponentially.


Klaviyo Email Marketing Ideas To Improve Performance Stats

Many businesses are getting benefits through email marketing campaigning with excellent strategies. Especially they are generating more sales through effective email marketing. Klaviyo enables entrepreneurs to deliver emails to specific recipients conveniently and timely.

Remember that these emails being sent to certain recipients should be kept brief while being friendly to pique and engage the interests of the customers. 

Here are some of the basic yet effective strategies for future email marketing campaigns.


1. Disseminate A Heartfelt Welcome Message

Welcoming customers sincerely adds points to your customer service which will promote your eCommerce business in return. This message can contain welcome greetings while including some marketing messages for the customers. Keep it brief but informative to avoid losing the interest of the customers.


2. Remind Customers Of Notifications Through Emails

Any update or activity that is happening within your business should be notified to the customers. For example, if there is a promotion coming up, remind them so that they will be informed. Or it could be any reminder as simple as notifying them of updates about their purchases. Doing this will promote your business constantly.


3. Give Gratitude To The Customers

For customers who are actively participating in your eCommerce business, send them a gratitude message to appreciate their participation. Whether they make purchases, sign up to send newsletters, and more, do not forget to acknowledge them to make them feel part of the business.


What Are The Benefits Of Fusing Klaviyo And Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is an online platform used to convert existing data into customizable informative and detailed reports. Klaviyo can be integrated with Google Data Studio to provide converted reports that are easy to comprehend by fellow entrepreneurs and staff.

The visualizations of these informative reports update every time changes are made in Klaviyo. Other benefits include the following:

  • Klaviyo users can monitor account metrics and different performances, such as flow and campaign performance easily anytime.
  • Reports can be customized and edited accordingly based on your marketing preferences.
  • The reports will be easily and conveniently shared with fellow entrepreneurs, team members, clients, and other personnel.
  • The ability to create and construct comprehensive presentation and reporting of data that have originated in your Klaviyo account
  • It promoted automated processes which will reduce the number of working hours and instead focus on more technical tasks and working on important aspects to improve and grow your business.
  • Klaviyo and Google Data Studio partnered have other numerous benefits that will tailor your marketing needs and help you lead your eCommerce to success.


Klaviyo Is An Excellent Online Tool For eCommerce

Klaviyo has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and customers to grow their businesses who have used this email marketing platform. It gathers and obtains informative data with their insights promptly with accuracy. 

Klaviyo then visualizes marketing data and reports for businessmen’s eCommerce to make it easier to comprehend. Readable reports will enable entrepreneurs and other Klaviyo users to analyze their data and make movements that will help improve their business.


It tracks metrics, benchmarks, and trends by showing them through reports that are constantly updated. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface that anyone can operate. It can also be customized to further meet the needs of users and their corresponding businesses.

The features and tools Klaviyo provides have helped people develop their email marketing and campaigning performance which in turn increases their rate of success over time. This is especially true now that it can be integrated with the Google Data Studio.

Without a doubt, Klaviyo’s marketing features are close to flawless and simply great for every single entrepreneur and other Klaviyo users.

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