How To Unfollow Someone On Instragram

As the number of Instagram users is growing fast through time, many of them are no longer aware of the people they follow. There are even instances that you’re actually not aware of how you get to follow a very annoying person.

There are many reasons why you would want to unfollow a person in Instagram. Sometimes people you follow are already irritating and their updates are really getting into your nerves. Or perhaps you have accidentally followed a person that you really don’t desire to do so. Whatever reason you have, there’s always an option to unfollow these individuals.

Unfollowing People on Instagram:

  1. View that individual’s profile you want to unfollow/unfriend.
  2. You’d see the green button that says “following” beside that person’s default picture, tap that to unfollow and you’re done! That button should turn to a blue button that says “follow”.
    click the following button to unfollow a person!

There are some points to consider when you unfollow someone. As your photos are set to public by default, all your photos are viewed even by those people you have unfollowed. If you want your photos to be viewed by your followers only, you will have to set your profile to private. This way, only your followers are able to view your photos. Learn how to set your Instagram account private.

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