20 Unique And Creative Mug Designs Inspiration

Who would have thought that mugs can be transformed into unique and creative object in your house? It may sound weird, but having a mug that is different and unusually creative is truly attention grabbing and may even tell much more about you.

There are different ways to design a mug and some of them are listed here below. Take a look and be inspired by our list!

1. Camera lens mug


This is designed to look like the lens of your DSLR camera.

2. Twitter mug


Are you a twitter fan? Get a load of this mug as it showcase one of the most popular social networking sites in the World Wide Web today.

3. Coffee bean mug


Your mug is turned into a literal coffee mug as it is designed with coffee beans from its exterior to its handle.

4. 3D dog mug


Dog lovers will surely like this mug as the painted dog on the mug comes to life.

5. Link mugs


This is the perfect mug if you want to carry more than two mugs at the same time. The mugs can be attached to each other through a lock system found at its side.

6. Lego mug


You can play with Lego and at the same time, enjoy your coffee.

7. Mug with figurine inside


Inside the mug is a figurine. As you drink your coffee, the figurine will show up.

8. Heat sensitive mug


Heat sensitive mug has two words written on it; ‘on’ and ‘off’. As you pour hot water, the ‘on’ word will be more visible while the ‘off’ will become obscured. The opposite happens when you pour cold water.

9. Chimpanzee 3D mug


The chimpanzee’s arm serves as the handle of the mug.

10. Mustache mug


Mustache is painted on the exterior wall of the mug and as you sip your coffee, the mustache will look like as if it is yours.

11. Keyboard mug


The mug looks like the keys of the keyboard when placed upside down. It has letters at the bottom to make it more realistic.

12. Facebook mug


If there’s Twitter mug, there must be a Facebook mug as well. Of course, just don’t update your status with it.

13. Music mug


Guitar serves as the handle with musical notes painted on its wall.

14. Knuckle mug


Knuckle mug can serve your drink with a punch!

15. Flower mug


You can use this as the perfect romantic gift for your partner.

16. Origami


Who would not like origami, the art of folding paper? With this mug, you can take your hobby at the next level.

17. Rubik’s mug


Stimulate your senses with this mug.

18. Robot mug


This futuristic mug can give you a different drinking experience.

19. ‘Plastic’ cup


At first glance, it may look like a disposable plastic cup but a closer look will reveal that it is really a porcelain cup.

20. Magnetic cups


This can help you store your mug in the most creative way. Since it is magnetic, you can simply let it hang and stick to each other.

I am sure you like our collection of beautifully and creatively designed mugs. There are other designs out there that you would think bizarre and not possible. Truly, sky’s the limit for people with imaginative and creative mind.

If you have more suggestions, you can include that here by leaving a message below.

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